The Ego Behind Big Business

Is there a difference between ego and conceit or are they basically just two of the same? Ego is how you evaluate your own self worth or purpose and conceit is an over expressive amount of pride in oneself. When do we cross over into being something less than favourable when all most of us are hoping to do is to paint ourselves in a better light.

The most dangerous creature in the universe is a fake friend which would include the way we treat ourselves. What is stopping you from giving yourself the attention that you think you deserve while waiting for somebody else. In my experience the more you invest in other people the more likely they will be at letting you down. Team work does make the dream work and we all fare better when we are working in sync. Synchronized with our story line in this time without worrying to much about anything else.

To find true peace you have to sacrifice everything you have to comfortable with and all those things you have accepted as gospel that you already know. Growing up bedtime was always 9, 10 the latest like the hands of time stopped and there was nothing else to do. The lights went out and the house fell silent. It was a rare time to be alive for almost any being it would seem. My parents would always be in bed at that time and we were expected to follow suit. Unless it was the weekend than midnight sometimes would probably do. Growing up where I did everything was so dark. There was no street lights or even those bright flood lights. Just stars from the heaven shining down through.

I think our ego’s are necessary to keep our dreams alive. We need to feel confident we can achieve our dreams or why else would we do anything. We give all that we have to make another’s dream come true. We are far to scared of the unknown to truly see what I can do. All the good fortune is always left for somebody else. The rich get richer and we die trying how is that for irony? The rich don’t keep getting richer because of anything they have done. Well not lately. They have brainwashed us to believe that this is the only way to live. We HAVE to buy from the big box stores because they are reputable sources. Do you even hear how insane that is? Roll it over in your mind one more time. Think about that! Only big business engage in child labour, sub par standards, inferior products and less than favourable working conditions and vile testing on animals. How can anybody who prides themselves on family and community engage in their business practices in this way? Only our big businesses get away with what they do because we ALLOW it. We can change everything EVERYTHING if we just open our eyes and realize. A department store doesn’t care if you are having a good day or if you are looking to correct a blemish or two. They are sailing on their yachts (maybe looking at pornography) on the high seas as you head back on the bus to your apartment for two that houses 5. Our conceited ways make it so we don’t want to change. We see the rest of the crowd doing what they have always done so we of course want to follow suit.

There are truly only three classes in this world. There is the poor that are the class that time has forgotten about and not too many like to look them in the eye or help them out. Most see those living check to check as a burden and they will try to bully them to make them feel lower than dirt. When I was so poor I wasn’t sure on my next meal the last thing I wanted to hear was so called friends excluding me. I would never beg, borrow or steal and I always regarded the generosity of friends as a hopeful opportunity that maybe one day I could spoil them back. I am a giver in every sense of the word. If you are somebody who has been kind to me you best believe I will bend over backwards and move heaven and Earth to make sure you are ok. There are certain friends that you don’t need to say much to however, they are always there when needed whenever you need a friend to call. Those friends…well those friends make life feel amazing. I have always been one to doubt my own abilities. Stems from a long range of being made to not feel good enough. The irony has never been lost on me when those losing control like to grasp for anything to try and get you to feel things there way. Like the smelly lil toothless troll with his socks tucked into his tapered sweats insulting his ex on a first date. I don’t know what bridge he crawled out from but what kind of woman wants to hear any man talk about his ex in that way. I am not on your side because I have no idea what is even going on. There’s the truth, your truth and hers and none of them will ever be the same. Which is odd to me. In a world where it is far easier to be kind why are so many of us so egotistical and mean?

In a world where everything we had ever needed to live a good life has been provided to us I wonder how it is we have become so far removed. Families are wasting away alone almost penniless then you have the other spectrum out letting their hate flags fly. Nobody should have ever been made to feel like their life force was less than perfect. The holes that we have been content with will one day divide this great nation. There has to be consequences for an egotistical mind hell bound and comforted with it’s own conceit. One was to ensure that another was prosperous the other made sure that the others would have nothing to eat. Big businesses and their gluttonous, cannibalistic ways won’t be content till they have their own ways.

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