CBD Beauty With Sweet Ruby

You knew it was only a matter of time. I am an advocate for all natural, ethical beauty. The closer to farm to cosmetics the better. Cleopatra didn’t need all these chemicals on her face and she is a legend. I mean isn’t she a legend? Helena didn’t destroy Troy with products that were tested on animals and could withstand the tales of time and she had men sailing the seven seas for her. All natural beauty, derived from nature. Which makes the most sense all things considering because what we find in nature is the essence of all life. What we fail to realize in the moment that all this beauty is there for a reason and we can use what is in front of us to uncover and experience. My journey into loving my best skin wasn’t to sell a particular product and make money. It was to help the average housewife who was tired of being lied to by a billion dollar industry and wanted to use her own skills and expertise to rejuvenated her skin and relinquish her beauty to the powers of nature in order to reap the benefits of the fountain of use. Yes I use Limelife Skin Care and Cosmetic products. I would be a fool not to. There products are truly as close to nature as one could hope for. I am not here to sell you on anything. It is up to you to say yes I have had enough of being lied to too. I am that girl you find in that Department store. Except for the only vested interested I have is finding products and ingredients that will truly help you radiate and shine. The recipe we will be making today is a really good cleanser but it needs to be applied as a face mask. Let’s just say the marinade time is steep at 45 minutes. This mask is probably best suited with a soak in a tub. Add on some fresh cucumber slices for that extra depuff!

Let’s talk about ingredients and why they were chosen. The first up is some all natural plain Greek yogurt chosen for it’s protein. The probiotics found in yogurt also help reduce inflammation. Other benefits in using yogurt is for it’s anti-aging properties and sun protection in essence it helps reduce the signs of spots. How many times does one need reminding that the lactic acid in dairy works as nature’s wondrous exfoliant. Hello!! Milk baths!! Yogurt also helps lock in moisture, brightens skin and also helps even out skin tone. Not to be out done though honey is chosen next for it’s anti inflammatory properties and how it also is a very good natural astringent. Honey and turmeric were both chosen for their brightening properties because I am serious about loving my skin I am in. Turmeric helps reduce the signs of aging while also slowing down the rate our cells turnover. Cell turnover is HUGE when it comes to our aging skin. I for one would rather use as many natural ingredients possible if it will save the skin I am in. Turmeric is a really good natural ingredient when fighting different types of skin conditions and acne. Who would of thought our spices could cross over into helping our skin look its best! My passion for finding the secret to the fountain of youth has me knocking on CBD oils door. I am convinced this ingredient is being prevented from entering the 51 B industry as it could potentially put a lot of companies out of business. This recipe calls for just 1/2 tsp of Coconut infused CBD oil. We just can’t deny that this lil secret may just revolutionize our best face.

Once the cream is ready to apply use the tip of your fingertips to gentle work the mixture onto your face. This mask is all natural and can touch your hairline and even run right under your eyes. Dark circles be gone!! After an even application has been achieve sit in a cool, dry, place for 45 min. No sun or rain! Be mindful that turmeric does stain so maybe dress in an old t shirt until the paste is safely washed away.

Our skin is something very sacred to me. It is the only shape we will ever come to know while here in this life. Why wouldn’t we want to spoil what makes us unique in every possible way. Ingredients from ethical sources and gathered in such ways should be something very dear to us. Especially when it comes to putting something on our face. If science couldn’t achieve what Helena or Cleopatra did in their lifetime who am I to argue. These Goddess’s clearly knew what they were doing and they ensured that we would all have access to feeling our most beautiful. The simplest of ingredients in it’s purest state is what we should all gravitate towards. Here I am sitting with just 4 ingredients on my face with no Doctor’s visit, scalpel or even knife. Living my life honestly and organically as possible has been my biggest dream. It may not have been for everybody but it certainly has been for me!

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