DIY Beauty: The Lone Wolf Hair Mask

My weekly injection of what you can find to beautify yourself right here in your own pantries was always a very important connection for me. It had to be on a Monday for the most generic of reasons. It was a way for ALL of us to connect with each other with the simplest of ingredients in our cupboards. My heart swelled with so much pride if I could work in an ingredient from my cupboard. Through my Mental Illness I needed to bond with life in such an intimate way that would allow me to connect with you all. It had to be a Monday. The promise of a new week and two weeks have now gone by and I have failed you. More myself because of the expectations I put in myself and the faith I allow me to have in a man that will find a million new ways to try and break me. We had an argument over salt of all things. Yesterday was to be a detox bath to release the dead weight of all the toxins that bind me and hopefully you. I had the day planned out and played it with precision only to be crushed once again. I hope that y’all know that no ingredients that are found in our pantries and nowhere close to what we can find in the stores pales to how we care for the little girl inside of each of us so I did what I could to protect her and waited for her to come out today and play.

That is what I love about this journey that I am on now. I finally see the little girl in me. The little girl who would stare out across the fields looks to see if her Grandparents were awake and run across the field just to grab a hug. I have had a lot of really nasty things said about me throughout the years. Some deserving and some not so much. What I know 1010% now is who I am in this moment is what matters the most. My word. Saying I am going to be a certain way means nothing when I can put it into action and prove it in a million different ways. Some may think that I may obsess over my social media image, shooting content, coming up with idea. All of it is in the moment as I am busy cleaning, connecting, spending time with all living beings that are coming alive in this house. Love and gratitude pay it forward tenfold. My garden and greenhouse are thriving with life. I scrambled and found ingredients in my pantry to bring us a nourishing hair mask to replenish our dead ends. The recipe was simple. 1TBSP each Apple Cider Vinegar and Honey then blended together with one egg. Yolk and all. It was a pretty gloopy mess but I managed to let it sit on for 40 minutes. I didn’t add in any conditioner after as I really wanted to just get a feel for what it did to my hair. How it affected the colour, shine, dryness etc. That will have to be another update.

I think through the last few years what I have really come to understand is this very strong feeling of self. I see who I was and who I still am in many ways. I stand in front of that little girl right before the world took away her smile. Before I learned that fairy tales didn’t exist and the Knight that you were searching for who reminded you of your Dad was an even bigger demon than your Dad was. Nothing and nobody was ever who they appeared to be. Nobody ever prepared in knowing that who I would be spending my whole life searching for would be myself and now that I am here with her and I enjoy who she is becoming why would I deter myself from knowing her. I have a passion about life that is coming full circle. LimeLife allowed me the opportunity to open my eyes to a different way of being. A new way of existing that challenged myself to throw out everything that I have ever known because I no longer had to buy into it. Ya some will ALWAYS say MLM yuck!! Those honey are not your people. MLM yes people recognize the value comes in being able to buy into high end products or at the very least supporting friends. I support EVERYBODY in becoming their own version of beautiful no matter what that looks like. I love bougee high end products that I can afford without sacrificing what my family needs. There is no better feeling or anything more powerful and all it takes is a love and a passion for doing what feels good that just so happens make you feel good too xx. Seriously check it out!!

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