Are You Being True To You (10 Signs to look for)

This is an important milestone for us to be at. When we are staring at ourselves in the mirror and truly trying to decide do we like who it is we appear to be. Can we evolve to be something better or have we remained stagnant for too long? Do we have what it takes inside us to create a new happier ending something that could help us all magically get along. The little voice inside me told me to research the side effects of Effexor. Strange eh not that I was looking or needing an excuse to ditch this drug for good but it just reinforced how we really need to dig deep and listen to what truly makes our own heart beat and make it so that each one of us have a chance to be heard. get along. My journey now in life is something that I am stumbling along blindly. I have this blind faith that I can’t explain. For example I am sure I told you I am digging a faerie pond so I can hopefully rescue a turtle. Not to ALWAYS live outside but if you look for turtles on the internet there are so many free ones it is heartbreaking. So as I am digging and digging and digging this thought creeps into my mind. If this Earth is 6 billion years old where are all the people’s things and where are their bones. Nothing exciting has been found in my excavation process, well except for this unexplained bucket of shiny rocks. Oh the world and it’s mysterious secrets. Let’s dig in shall we.

  1. You are honest with yourself about what you think, feel, want and need. This year has been a real quick in the Unicorn bells if you know what I mean. For know reason at all or encouragement from my Doctor to get off my long term use of ant depressants I was horrified with all the information I was beginning to collect. All the lies, the betrayal from every which way. Like we live on a giant grave. Numbers tally up but life goes on. I am talking about our missing Indigenous children whom are all buried on government land. If ANY human being things ANY human life was deserving to an end like that I don’t want to know you anyways. Life was never meant to be perverted like that.
  2. You freely share your thoughts and feelings. Oh do I ever. We all know how I feel about department store brands. I feel like as long as there is money circulating in the colonized economy than we are all guilty of using an upper hand. It is gross and so not necessary in today’s time but for most of us we don’t care what happened to people we don’t even care to understand.
  3. You honor your needs and say no to requests that conflict with them. Every damn day but I pick my own battles. I know what I stand for and there is nothing that will ever breach my integrity. I was swayed once but never again. I am finally liking who it is I am becoming.
  4. Some people like you, some people don’t, and you’re ok with that. I am tired of trying to win over everybody. The only person I care to stay true to is myself. You either want to be a part of that or you don’t. No skin off my back.
  5. You surround yourself with people who respect and support you just as you are. This has made all the difference in the world to me. It may take some time and the wrong people will never understand but once you find the right people there is nothing that can get in your way.
  6. You focus more on your own values than what society deems acceptable. This is so glaringly obvious true. The minute I started sharing my cannabis on social media I have watched so called friends drop like flies. It is such a surreal experience and the best way to weed out the fakes. It is legal to consume cannabis where I live and I even have a prescription. I watch ladies get blacked out drunk, peeing in public places, being just the worst example ever out there yet they throw shade my way. Go pee all over your shoes again sista this soul train is chuggin on through. That is the problem with people they are so quick to decide to hate. I had a designer that I thought I respected make up this BS story about being raped and posted it on my feed. I can promise you it was BS because days leading up to her blow out it was me confiding in her about the trauma I was trying to run away from. She used my childhood experience to publicly shame me. Then created troll accounts. I didn’t publicly go on trying to bash her all I wanted was to be demon free.
  7. You listen to your intuition and trust that you know what’s best for yourself. My whole body aches when I think of certain people. The lies they weave in order to make it seem like they are as sweet as apple pie and even better a la mode. I shark has the biggest smile in the room too just saying.
  8. You do what feels right for you, even if that means risking approval from the people around you. As stated above it is incredulous still how many people are offended by a little bit a weed. Worse yet they are probably closet tokers. Just don’t let it be seen on social media because ya ya a potential employer. Why is it ok to over consume alcohol when weed in some countries is just as legal? What about to each their own unless they have to medicate then shame on you Becky you were cooler when you were hooked on ativan’s.
  9. You allow yourself to change your mind if you recognize you made a choice that wasn’t right for you. Maybe not so easily but I am working on this step every single day.
  10. You allow yourself to evolve and let go of what you’ve outgrown. I love the possibility of growth and new opportunities and of course knew possibilities. That is why no matter where I go in this journey in life I always remain true to myself.

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