Of Man or Mouse?

Humans kill because they want to. What does that mean for modern society? How fast are we careering in the wrong way when we are much more content pulverizing anything that lives and breathes in the palm of our hands. Some say that Mother Nature has had enough of her sh*t and she has sent in the elements to rise up and revolt. Energy is in EVERYTHING. Only our ignorance wants to deny that simple fact. This has been my hesitance with connecting with modernized man. They don’t understand the vibrations that have been put in place. That still play the music of this land.

Think about it? We have become numb haven’t we? Focused on some sort of screen staring in the abyss of nowhere searching for answers that never come. Our frustration over lack of simple human compassion pushes us beyond our limits to do something that we would normally never do. To turn our heads away when we can no longer stand the sight. It is far either to block and ignore than to stand up for something that isn’t right. Take bullying for example. It is so easy for trolls to come out and never make an appearance. They hide behind a computer screen trying to set off little dumpster fires for some sort of sick gratification or worse yet recognition.

The fact that people know how to dispose of bodies to make it so they never existed having people always wondering were they even here? How is it they just vanished? How could another living being make it so they just disappeared? As a mother the idea that there is always the chance that this can happen to me because it happens to others every day it does seem. Nobody stops to wonder or ever question how this could possibly happen. It’s because when we leave with the person who is always going to hurt us they comes to us disguised as a friend. That is why once somebody appears just a little bit off I let them go quietly now. I remember before always clinging to people out of fear of being alone. I find these days I fear people and I more than welcome being left all alone.

People are truly capable of some incredibly horrendous things. On and offline. I think that is why I value so much more how it is I spend my time. My animals are life. They just take on another form and being the reason why they smile is the reason my heart will always burn warm. Yes there is the work that comes in raising such a crew but there is reward in knowing that I make a difference in their world. Growing food for us all to eat is the true piece of heaven right here on Earth. It isn’t in these concrete hamster wheels that we all love to play in. Or the glass houses we put each other in so we can live up each other’s *sses. Oh what a relief it would be if I could find my own Island.

I have become very aware of my own energy and presence here during this time. I don’t want to interfere or upset anybody but I will make sure to speak my own mind. We all deserve to have somebody fighting for ourselves when we think that we have nobody. It is different than just having a friend who decides to show up every once and awhile. And ya there is some value in the long loyal friend that when push comes to shove they will always have your back. They may not agree on how you live your day to day but they will be damned if they will let you be railroaded by anybody. I have those. I love those loyal friends. What is missing from my life is that person that awakens your soul. That connection so deep that you know you will come out on the other side. That is why I live authentically because I don’t want to miss that person again pretending to be somebody else just to have fans. That is what we are searching for when we can’t speak our own truth. Why else would we lie about something unless we needed approval from somebody else?

That is how so many out there get so over the top frustrated and do such jaw dropping things. If nobody else is validating you well, “hail Satan, let the devil win!” That always gets attention doesn’t it. When a sacrifice is made. When you take some sort of step down from normal reality just to get some sort of reaction even if it is negative. Weird species aren’t we? We hurt and kill for fun. Torment those we don’t understand and ridicule those that we do. I am good to run outside the normal realm of the crowd. No good has ever happened inside those circles anywhere. I am a free spirit so let me run away to nature and find the magic that lays await inside very living thing. You can’t deny the obvious. That every thing is capable of life. It is the human race that wants to distort and control it. We are doing a bang up job in doing that. In fact we are very successful in destroying every living thing. If you can’t stand for something than you die for nothing really absorb what that means. What is it that you stand for and do you change that on a whim and according to the presence you find yourself in. I don’t change for anybody because it my opinion that I value most.

It makes no difference if you are a man or a mouse unless you are the mouse because you are incapable of being strong enough or big enough to ever defeat a man. Unless of course Mother Nature get’s sick of mans sh*t and unleashes another plague. All that should show you is, it does pay to do the right thing in the end.

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