Ear to Ear

What does your life look like? Where are you going and how are you getting there and are you ok with just being a passenger? Always gripping onto that holy sh*t handle, that is if it is in a vehicle that has one of those to find. Some vehicles don’t even have them so you are forced to white knuckle the adventure from under your seat. Some drivers out there drive with the sole intent of purposes of getting them to where they are going to alive. They don’t care to see if they swiped another vehicle into the ditch or cause a mom of 5 to hit the guard rail because those in the driver seats some times don’t pay no mind. Of course it is incredibly dangerous but if you are in control you don’t seem to mind. Am I right? It is the ones who promise to sit quietly from the back seat that always seem to have the most to stay.

Think of a time where you were so intent on your direction only to be swayed by the opinion of somebody who is always saying nay. Take my decision to join with LimeLife (my link just in case https://www.limelifebyalcone.com/sweetrubybluez/home . So much hate and shade was thrown my way because I had a love and a passion for a product and ingredients that didn’t suck. And now my decision to join Color Street. It is just simply because I love the product and the sisterhood that comes when sharing a passion and a dream that goes beyond working just to pay the bills. The little girl in me loves to dress up and be sparkly everyday but the maintenance and wear on my nail colour also affected my nerves BUT not no more!! Imagine a 4 in one application with NO DRY TIME!! Which means no hair imprints after you sleep. My worst nightmare after a grueling night of painting nails was that the coat that I painted was too thick and was destined to be destroyed in my sleep. And designs?!?! Forget it!!! But now my love affair of well maintained nails and a busy life style has been born. Not to mention that it just announced it’s arrival in Canada on the 15th so this time I am literally at the cusp of something great. And the manicures I can give!! And pedicures too! Here is a link to my Facebook party no pressure just take a look xx https://www.colorstreet.com/SweetRubyBluez/party/2976387.

So why does it all matter? Because in reality it is the potential of what it could be and can be after all there is 7 billion people there is got to be a handful of us that still believe in the good ol Turtle Island Dream. That we can still turn this thing all around and lead by example and we can do it by empowering the right people which is us am I right? That judgmental scorn that so many carry shake the cobwebs honey because there ain’t no going back only forward and if  you don’t watch your step you just may find yourself stumbling and then who is going to want to help a nasty ol shrew like you? The more people you touch that don’t see you at your level you run the risk of being run down into dust before you even know what to do. Trust me most people don’t care. It is incapable to fully let go. After watching what some are capable of they make it so you no longer want to leave the house.  But you do. And you want to connect and what is not easier than finding something that you truly have in common. Take me. I want to live authentically as possible. As close to Mother Nature as I can get. I believe if I try to be good from this day forward that the right opportunities will make there way to me.  For me it is about making up for all the lost time that I was the ultimate douche. I hate thinking back on those days and I will do anything to stay here.

So now I have two opportunities to make something great. Both are to help make ourselves feel our most beautiful so at least I get to indulge in all that is fabulous along the way. To be smothered in Nature’s finest and to collect a little change along the way as made all the difference in my World. I feel so much more confident in the risks that I take in life that I have been cooking more and not just the regular mainstays I mean getting out of my comfort zone. So far I have made a variety of dishes the most difficult being the CBD Honey Dream Cups (I have no idea what happened but they taste great) to this Falafel Pie that I just made today. Another thing I noticed is the colour of my tomato plant has changed. It is now coming in a nice dark evergreen. The tomatos are starting to ripen and my house is just swimming with life.  I have faith that the right people will find me as I am now completely open. There are no dark secrets are things lingering in the shadows waiting to pounce just to get back at me. The enemies I have made have deemed themselves worthy of that title for a very good reason and to be honest I am rather ok if they forever stay that way too. I hate people that try to excuse away bad behaviour. No thank you. Move along. Cordial exit. Run away.

At least my choices inspire me and give me hope oh I created a Milkshake now https://msha.ke/sweetrubybluez/ . I know right please feel free to go and look and let me know what you think. This journey I love endlessly because there is so much potential. I know how I feel about myself and that alone has me grinning from ear to ear.

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