To Come Alive

“Our words become our attitudes and our attitudes become our lives.” Take friends. Ever get tired of hearing the same people say over and over again oh I believe in you. I will support you. Then when given the chance they drop the ball? It’s not like you haven’t seen them post about another friends marketing business yet they have yet to show any support for yours. The difference between me and others is this is what I went to school for and if given the chance to own my own full blown spa one day these would be the products that I would keep in stock. In fact I have such faith in these products I will come to your house and perform a variety of spa related services because truth be told I am licensed and more than qualified to handle all that. I don’t like to talk about it much because it comes across as preachy but I wouldn’t be trying to derive my own skincare formulations if I was a drive by night kind of gal.

I am always amazed at how fast gums flap just trying to win you over as a friend or win over anybody for that matter. It is almost like people forget that there lies will be found out and all the broken promises that remain in tatters on the floor will forever be the divide between you and me. Real friends celebrate in all the victories and don’t just pick and chose the ones they see fit. They don’t say if only you had the courage and then you find the courage then they are high tailing it for the high hills and beyond. Does anybody ask why it is we chose to live the lives we do and what it is we hope to achieve? My hope is to provide a life for my family. Something that we can look back on after all these years. I don’t want to happen what happened to my family. My younger sister became the ticking time bomb to their divorce. When she left it was more than eminent. I love who I am when I am alone in a room, do you? I never stress about trying to sell anything. Multi level marketing is not the horror that so many people would have you wanting to believe.

I guess that is what makes it so glaringly obvious the friends you truly have. The friends who love me unconditionally have placed order to give my LimeLife a try. Then there are those who claim to be there no matter what who roll their eyes and groan when ever you slide into their DM’s one day I will make sure there is something in there to grab their attention and their eyes. One day. I am at such a place where I know that what I am doing makes the best sense for me and my family. The organics and ethics of where a product has derived from is VERY important to me. I don’t want a company that will sooner pave paradise to put in a lab so they can find new ways to melt off our frown lines and permanently damage our faces. Well nail strips? Just make perfect sense. I can not tell you how many mornings I spent trying to touch up my nails just so my hands can be the focal point of conversations. Because trust me honey EVERYBODY notices the state of your nails. EVERYBODY. It is why we were hoping that the polish under a minute actually worked. We all have been guilty of applying a quick coat only to have it smear on the door frame or worse yet our dates coat!! NO MORE!! a 4 in 1 with no dry time and amazing shades and patterns. YES PLEASE!! Every girls dream! Well most girls dream. That is what I am saying if a “friend” doesn’t have the 13 dollars to try out your new business or worse yet didn’t even skip over to peruse your new catalog just gently nudge them to the curb. Trust me there are 7 billion people who are waiting to meet you and they will be jazzed!! Just make sure their nails are done and you are sure to be a smash! ( my Nail Bar Party 😍😍 let me know when you want to host yours xx)

Attitude is everything and you either get it or you don’t. If you aren’t putting your hat in the ring to try and level up then you are always the barrel on Donkey Kong, kinda of important but truly not that much fun. Most will just jump over you and forget you the minute you have passed and gone. Get comfortable with feeling uncomfortable because that moment only lasts for such a short time. Those who get you will always got you and you will have no time for the wolf in sheep’s clothes. I have spent so much time out in green pasture that when I finally opened my eyes the wolves at already come and consumed all the sheep. Good people became the anomaly as we all robbed Peter to pay Paul. There are still good people and they will honestly get you. They won’t need you to change for them to accept you because they understand and love you just the way that you are. They don’t judge and scorn you for a life that they will never understand. How could they understand the pain you endured and now they are looking down their nose to scorn you. No. I am a survivor and am capable and worthy of living a luxurious life and I can do that still be authentically free of judgmental stares and in some cases even anger. I don’t spend long bouts of time anymore analyzing those that are out to hurt me. I have seen them coming for awhile now they keep the danger thick in any air as their words come out to taunt me. They want a reaction. They come alive with the thrill. I think that is what makes me happiest living the life that no one else will.

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