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Those intent on trying to steal your life force should be guarded heavily from stealing your light. There is no good coming your way when you engage in a monster who will stop at nothing at shattering your dreams so they can get off on the carnage and destruction. For example I am very passionate about self care. I am very passionate about glowing from the inside out. Up to and including the way we interact and behave with each other. I post about my businesses. Limelife and Color Street. I love both like I love my own desire to succeed. Both provide limitless opportunity to provide for my family (in fact my husband has now decided to be a stay at home Dad after 2 months eh not bad!!). You have to be prepared to live a life most differently and also hear a whole bunch of shade, but in my experience those that don’t indulge in self care, have little or no respect for themselves.

Imagine this. Most people are content living pay cheque to pay cheque with the hope that this time that they will qualify for the bonus that their boss keeps talking about. We have all seen Chevy Chase and no there is no bonus there is no replacing hard work in the work force especially when you have become your own boss. Get rid of those on your feed that don’t appreciate your hustle. They will bring on more negativity and shade then you could ever feared or hoped. Not everybody will understand your passion but you will be doing yourself a disservice if you don’t try and talk. Here’s the perfect example. I am very aware of those on my feed who are just hanging around for the “what’s in it for them.” The fact that you have done nothing for me but bring me shade it is a wonder that this time you were skating on thin ice. For me when it comes to people in my intimate vicinity you better believe in the dream or you better run far away. My life is complicated. I don’t need another hater. I have too much going on to divulge in tit for tat situation after all. Every time this chick slides into my DM’s my skin begins to crawl. I like a little love and light with my conversation but this chick is just all word vomit. She LOVED to try and take the business mold that LimeLife has correcting all their advertising mistakes. To be honest all our content is corporate approved so to target your tirade at me lady chill out. So I sent her the link to my Color Street Nail Bar party just to shut her up. LOL she was horrified that I was so direct with my approach and unleashed onto me. Told me that she would never support me when her best friend and neighbour was her manicurist so why the hell would she support me. Her friend was a one woman army and needed all of her support. The conversation pointed towards her friend doing sculpted nails and gel overlays and I would have assumed pedicures too. Cha ching. At least that is how my mind works. If this chick is painting nails and still curing with a lamp why wouldn’t she want to be part of a company that will pay you in prizes, praise and gifts? Hahaha uhm well this chick lost it. Talking about business models and other words that she probably has no clue on. Listen honey, if you are that butt hurt about making your friend some real money instead of keeping her in a hamster wheel than get off my feed and get bent. People with this one dimensional thinking who believe they deserve this life of luxury without putting in any work. I am a realist. The chances of winning the lottery slim to none. The philosophy of hustling smarter not harder makes sense to me. NO JOKE. What this chica failed to understand is that I have a Business Degree. I am a licensed esthetician. I have worked in this industry too for years and having a company that will reward you beyond points for just using their products is the most GENIUS move anybody can make in this world. Do you use soap? Get paid? Lotion? Same thing? Like fabulous nails at a fraction of the price either by applying yourself at home or having a professional like me do. Every get tired of all the negative Nancy’s in the room and want to find a different way? Me too Darling. Me too. Just never, ever begin to lose face.

Life in it’s abundance is the only thing that make entire sense in my world. This nasty woman telling me that she only indulges in self care every three weeks just makes me cringe. I know financially we are all forcing different constraints but to not wash your face or moisturize your skin just sets alarm bells in my mind. Take last night for example. I used my very own CBD cleansing balm (stay tuned Monday for the recipe) and it was luxurious. So rich and luxurious actually that I use it as a makeup remover. Truth be told I love the feel of rich oils cleansing away all the dirt and bacteria from the day. I started thinking back to the 10 minute facial message that we would do during a facial. Working the lymphs and nodes to ensure flow and ease of fluids to prevent potential back up. We are composed of energy after all so the worry lines of the previous days events most definetly appear as lines on our face. I lost myself in massage as I worked over my jaw line and deep lines and crowsfeet as a massaged the deep impressions away. Every day our face gets frozen in expression. How do we lose that harvested energy? Like an iron working on a crisp business shirt I feel my worry just melt away. This is me daily loving on myself like nobody else will. It is more than just a nail colour application (but that is an instant mood lifter too) it is loving yourself enough to make better choices and not letting the Nancy’s of the world break on through.

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  1. mickmar21 says:

    I am a firm beleiver in supporting and encouraging small business over the giants as it is the small businesses that provide much more than than the giants do. They build community on every level and generally value their staff and customers without all the empty words and slogans spewed out by big business.
    It is difficult to understand how people lament the demise of that personal touch and yet will shun the small business so they can save a buck or two and get a few reward points.
    I have a strict rule for my son that he is never to buy from Amazon due to their business model and instead has to source what he wants locally if possible and if not from a business that is native to our country. He doesn’t like it but at least he understands the reasoning behind it.


    1. So true ❤ We can empower the little guy buy deflating our fat cats. We can change all that we have come to know from this colonized behaviour that serves no purpose in this day and age.
      Thank you for all that you do and helping your son make empowered choices. I appreciate you ❤


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