Just Keep Going

“When we give up, we know our destiny. When we keep going, we earn the right to choose our fate.” What does that mean to you and what does that make your future look like? I think that is what drew me into serving int he first place. In any other job you were capped off at your true learning potential. Even as a banker bonuses were paid out loosely every quarter with a chance for retro bonuses but this formulation is more than a few decades old. It is sickening to think that all these big corporations make their profits from ripping off the poor. Take bank service fees. The rich don’t give a damn how much they pay per transaction yet they get to use their bank cards without hesitation or limits that will bring you to your knees. The most basic account gives you say 10 transactions for under 5 bucks. But that is 10 transactions for a MONTH!! Then if you go over it adds up super quick. Now say you get paid $250 for your after school job and you just lost half of it to service fees. That makes a difference in your life. That is the difference between having laces in your shoes and your belly full to study for exams . This is the grotesque world we live in robbing Peter to pay Paul while those who have the power and money to stop it laugh at us from their yachts and high towers. The rich get richer and the poor find a new way to dress up their humble pie. You can’t change the life that has been given to you if you refuse to try anything different to obtain a life you never believed you could have. You have to move out of that comfort zone and say not today Satan. Today is for me and the living, maybe tomorrow will be the day I have a good cry!

“Within us all are incredible embers of dreams, hopes and aspirations, waiting for us to breathe them into life.” Of course they are. Of course they are waiting. Our hopes and dreams get us out of bed in the morning wondering if today is the day it will all be different. What stops us from quitting our dead end job is that we require it to pay our bills. Without the injection of a regular pay cheque how would we ever keep the roof over our heads and our bellies full? What happens when a loved one dies and you are able to go to their side? You can’t say goodbye because missing that one day of work will be the start of your own downfall so all you can do is wipe your tears away and wait for nightfall to cry. Too many times I thought that there would be more time to celebrate and love on with my dear friends. One moment I was rushing off to serve tables then the next phone call I got was to find out they were dead. Death is scary because it is the one thing we don’t know. We know we will all get there but we are unsure of the reasons or why for some it sucks so hard. One phrase my son likes to say is, “it’s not fair.” The true meaning not as significant when you think of the potential impact of these three words. Life in all of it’s capacity is not fair but interwoven with each heart break is an opportunity to live a little bit of a better life. There are so many of us out doing the same thing it is unrealistic to think that we have to do it all alone. We just need to get out there and sing our song so the others with similar intentions can learn to hum along.

There is opportunities for us all around we have just been too conditioned to limit off our thinking. No marketing is bad. Don’t sell that high quality product to other similar minds in your homes because that will prevent me from taking yet another vacation this year to Tahiti. Oh and my super young girlfriend is going to need her tummy tucked and nips lifted. Who am I to say what is vanity and what keeps others busy in play? We should all love to pamper ourselves and the idea that it needs to be at the hands at another is ultimately ridiculous. Sure it is nice when we don’t have to think but in the absence of true kindness why wouldn’t you let your heart skip to your beat? Think about grace and what it means to you? Do you have grace when it comes to your interactions with other beings or do you become a domineering beast? The more time I spend with my animals the more gentle in my approach to life I become. I don’t have time for the negative Nancy’s of my era. I am perfectly content finally in who I am. I have made it so I am always eager and willing to pamper those in my vicinity. Well the nice Nora’s of my generation that is. I still maintain that a little bit of extra change is better than nothing hiding in between your couch cushions so why not try to hit the ball out of the park with your best shot?

Just keep going. Keep moving forward and you do have a little bit of faith. Maybe more of a belief that you are worthy of a life worth living. We wouldn’t be here doing what it is we are doing if we weren’t at the very least entitled to that, don’t you think? Maybe that is where we get stuck the most is we tend to over think. Just relax. There will always be those that are out there trying to distract you and honestly just pay no mind. A cat doesn’t question when his next nap is coming. He has full belief it will come. Even in the darkest hours of abandonment they find rest. Peace comes when they finally find acceptance and a window perch that they will always forever be able to reset their head.

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