Who Am I?

Anybody else tired of living in a world where NOBODY wants to take accountability for their own sins or worse yet actions. Not everybody is but enough people are that make living incredibly painful and uncomfortable. This world has seen enough enough of their share off over pretentious *ssholes yet none of us are strong enough to head up towards the light. Wait! Some of us but they are long gone. Their light was extinguished by us all long ago. Thing of the hearts that their energy was able to connect with. It saddens to me that it was the monster in other humans that was their drive to eventually let go.

I think of Chris Cornell and how he was fighting for our children just as Princess Dianna did in much of the same way. She held our dying children with AIDS in a time when most others would only go in hazmat suits or worse yet nothing at all. I think of how Mother Theresa was instantly connected to her light and her own dimmed the day that Princess Dianna died. There is no denying the role that each one of us played in her demise because we each feed into the big businesses that drove her tormentors to follow her in such a way. We did the same thing to Brittney and we watched Aliya fall from the sky. Who else shared a tear the day that Lefteye left this world without saying goodbye. We see it in the carnage that fuels the backbone of our economy. We want to see rage, violence and humiliation and we will take it to the red carpet and stare. We cheer for the millionaires who laugh in our face. We have become the worst part of the living and we are the human race.

I remember exactly where I was when Biggie was killed and even 2 Pac too. Teach me to breathe again when you told me Kurt Cobain had fallen who was next that you wanted to take with you. Every person we idolized who made us feel something inside you took away.

“You see the dying, you feel the pain
What have you got to say
If we agree that we can disagree
We could stop all of this today

It’s been your life for as long as you can remember
But you cannot fight no more
You must want to look your son in the eyes
When he asks you what you did it for

‘Cause all day long he was fighting for you
And he didn’t even know your name
Young men come and young men go
But life goes on just the same”

Where we go wrong as humans is these words were written by a young man before he even got to turn 25 years old. He knew that where we were heading as beings would be the eventual end to the human race. He was brave enough to talk about things and wage a war between demons that only he could see. We tore apart two friends and laid them to rest all in the same year. The media wanted it to be about a fight between East and West, at least that is what the masterminds of Hollywood had planned but we can all read between the lines. Biggie saw the trade towers falling because they needed to because of where they stood. They stood on top a graveyard of humans allowing others to profit and feed their sick greed. I would rather be hated for saying everything that be hated for saying nothing. It is obvious to who holds the strings in this scenario they have made us weak for far too long.

Ingest our chemicals in every single way. The will rot your brain and cognitive thought it will make it easy for us to to control you and have our say. Every small business is crumbling and those that promote our individual personal health. Gyms, massage therapists, beauty salons they are all falling to the wayside. I have never seen such a greater attempt at a cover up then what is unfolding in front of my eyes. I guess how could I have forseen this coming this is the first time I have been alive? Maybe not because these days it all seems way to familiar. The easiest way to control a nation is by this very means it has been proven throughout history. Don’t like the Indigenous culture that inhabits a land? Steal their children deprive them of their culture, their food, their salvation, EVERYTHING that makes them human. Make them so weak that you can convince the rest of the world they are worthless. Steal more humans from another country and put them to work. Whip them to they die of their injuries it is ok nobody will miss them and if they do you can send them away. Sell them at a discount or have the boogeyman take them away. The same thing happened to the Jewish Culture anything the white man didn’t like we tried to snuff out. It was seen all over Canada this land was built on blood. Just ask any child who spoke a different language in ANY public school in Canada they can tell they all received the rubber strap in beatings.

So who am I? I am just a mom of an incredible little being that I couldn’t imagine having to live through these horrors like so many children on Earth seemed to have experience. I am tired of living in a world where we can excuse bad behaviour away. I will not sit here and take it anymore what would be the point in being able to stand up and shout anyways!! CAN YOU HEAR ME OUT THERE BECAUSE I CAN HEAR YOU!!! I wont let the bad man take you, come grab a hug and get warm. I promise we can get through this together.

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