Not Today Karen

You leer down at me over your priviledged white nose and spew a hate onto me that can not be ignored. I fear for my family as your condescending attitude will always reach because you and your self righteous entitlement has always lived across the street. You carry on with some sort of business and have even terrorized my company for making the unfortunate incident of parking in front of your place. What is it that you are hiding over there and do you feel better unleashing your tirade onto me.

I have been bullied before I guess my ladylike personna makes it easier for ogres like you to come unglued. To walk away making underhanded comments like you are the holy one makes me wonder just exactly who your family was back in the day. Your disregard for the living across the street from you makes it so the victim inside of us walks around with one foot lodged deep inside the crave. Insulting another for asking the truth shows all the wholes in your character. To spew hate such as my dog attacked another child then you can’t follow up with taking me to the child in question. Your rant went personal. Insulting my hair and my outfits like dressing like a lady in this day and time should be obsolete when most of us want to identify without having sex. It is people like you that make it impossible from people like me hanging on from adolescent trauma. What grown woman wants to insult another just for asking for help in order to make things right? I was cordial and calm when I asked you why you felt the need to bully me in this way. I did follow you because in a world of so much negativity I wanted to believe that there was some sort of goodness in the world. I can tell you are intimadated by the fact that I identify and dress as a woman that is why you felt the need to attack my hair. Women like you look for the one thing that you can hold onto to bring another to their knees and I can see what your intentions are so I again ask you why? Why do you find the need to verbally lash me when all I was asking was for a sympathetic ear and heart. Now that I see the evil that lays across the street in the shadows I fear for what you are capable and able to do. Kind people don’t feel the need to attack another human when you can see that they are weak. You know that I am barely hanging onto a wire because according to you my name is one everybody’s lips. Your mistake was thinking that I cared if the people on this block agreed with your opinion of me like you do. My reality is that most aren’t my people anyways. I am far to kind to be cruel.

The venom you spewed at me as you called my husband an asshole was not even up for discussion. Your lies told me my 10 pound dog attacked a girl so now I am asking you where the heck is she. If this all happened in a blink of an eye than why can’t you back up your story or is it because all you do is lie. You tell me my dogs bark too much because you and your family like to hang out in the streets. The parade of cars that is always outside of your house is what alerts my dogs to be on high guard. You never know who it is that you allow into your house and even during a pandemic your house had a revolving door policy. Is it me that is up to no good in this neighbourhood or is it your pretentious attitude you display for all to see. There are far too many Karen’s in this world who just want to destroy all living things around them. In the three years that I have lived here she has always rolled her eyes and has been mean. I was able to express my sympathy towards her for being bullied in school. That is obvious why she feels so abrasive trying to settle an old time score. What you fail to recognize is I am not the one who hurt you and I am just trying to live in peace. What makes me crazy is standing up to your ignorance because the world needs desperately to be a better place.

Maybe it is the rednecks of the world that makes this a terrible place. The insults that she was spewing indicated that she has no problems letting her white privilege shine through. My olive skin and dark roots made it easy for you to spew your hate. Acting like your forefathers gave you this land and didn’t steal it teaching your children to behave and act out the same. Every day you parade your four wheels, your campers, your segweys with this grotesque sense of entitlement and pride. Like I said you didn’t even acknowledge that we were in a pandemic you left your door open while the rest of us suffered. The aura that you think you are entitled to is out of place and will one day be carried away. Your grey hair and whiter than white skin is not your beacon to behave in this way. As a mother (maybe? the verdict is still out) how is it that you wanted to bully your neighbour in that way. To show your daughter that it is ok to insult another for their appearance and dress you are just feeding the next generation so much hate. My whole life I wanted to believe that there was some sort of good in this world until I came across a being like you. You make me question what it means to be human and if we will ever see an end to race and hate in this world. When a neighbour can demoralize another mother for just making a basic human mistake I am scared for the future of tomorrow and what other type of human decency this world is determined to take.

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