Trying to be Decent

Who would you be if nobody talked down to you and if you always believed that you were capable of a life worth living and living for a better day? Did it start at a young age at the playground when you failed to get along with the growing crowd or did your eccentric ways find you in your later years, were you always born to be different sometimes not having a lot of common with the masses or even having something intelligent to say.

Second Chance

To make a fiery little human filled with so much hope and so much promise I know I will do anything to protect him. That means being authentic and true with myself in such a public format and place. I want no regrets in life now that I have been given a second chance.


I want to live in this world but how can I? Every moment I am alive I am greeted with so much hate. I can’t breathe. The weight is crushing me. Somebody give me a reason to want to live 💔

Raise the Day

The more familiar I become with death the easier it is to stand toe to toe with him. Of course death is a he. If women is the creator of life then of course leave it to our men folk to distort our definition and take it away.

Desire to Fade

My friend passed away today and at first all I did was cry. I was consumed with guilt in thinking that he was struggling and that I didn’t do much to help. I thought about how far would I have needed to reach before I would have fallen over myself and maybe lost control. Loving the living is so easy when they are dead because we forgot who they were when we were alive.

Love Your Skin

So there you have it. A nice and simple easy to do recipe to help you love the skin you are in. I have made a little tutorial for you all because I truly want us to be the best version of ourselves possible and we all truly do deserve to shine xx

Reclaiming Miss Ruby

I am reclaiming who I used to be before evolution of the Mean Girl bit me in the butt. I knew I had a tougher skin than that I am not too sure why I allowed myself to get pushed around like that. I wanted to make a statement and I think I am over doing that. The blue hair though I love it is like the inner Mermaid in me singing to get out and she does so every time I give myself a little extra flip of the hair. I just want to be Miss Sweet Cheeks again you know the one with Cupcake Sweet Lips and personality to match (you assumed I should have said Ruby but let’s save that for the cherries xx).

Could Have Been Me

Oh Retaeh our angel, that had to pay the ultimate price.I am aware that in a different time and story that it could have very easily been me not you. I am so sorry for what the evil’s of men have done to you find salvation in your eternal peace.

Connections in Life

There are those people that just make you feel good when you enter the room and I so desperately want to become that person. So I change the energy in my room. My inner temple and I always remember to look up into the light. I pay thanks to those that bring great meaning into the life that I love and the things that I do and I work towards that end destiny with only a wayward thought and a lost whispered prayer. For my being. My existence. Is at peace with this moment and all the connections in life I hope to find.

Twice Bitten, I think Not

The idea that I should feel some sort of way about humans that don’t like me makes me laugh as I lube myself again with CBD moisturizer that smells as good as vanilla cake. I am delighted by the naysayers and sometimes like frolicking in their shade. Use their misguided energy as fuel to never end that way. I know what it feels like to be let down by those trusted but I vowed never again. Authentically yours I feel some but in others I turned and run away. Like another 300 mg dose of Effexor I think I would rather just not. My life mission is to make other people feel good and to all others good night! No more twice bitten because once is enough.