Domesticated Violence

I want to live in a world where domestic violence doesn’t happen on the regular and the men who have claimed to love us doesn’t kill us on the regular. That a woman could believe that the man sleeping beside her would love and protect her and not take her life and the lives of their children. Finally pregnant with the son he desired, Chris Watts smothered Shannan while she slept and dumped her in a shallow grave. We all watched her arrive home that night just hours before she would take her last breath. We all wanted to stop the inevitable from happening so we wait on baited breath.

Monsters walk among us and they take our women and children and for the most part we don’t even lift our heads, just turn a blind eye.  The way we distort their last words and critisizer last intents and purpose yet we fail to forget what is most important after all. Their presence is forever missing here and there is no way of ever going back. I can’t imagine the beast who can take away another’s life without a thought. To allow another’s family to suffer with no regard or remorse. Some people are lost forever like their existence never matter at all. Think of all the thousands of years ago and the people who would have existed then. They would have been hard workers with loves and passions but time took over eventually. Their most prized possessions are worthless in today’s times. Mostly because we have no idea what it is they regarded as value and what we may have kept they may have garbaged. When I imagine Shannan Watts and her little girls my heart just breaks. She went away to a conference and she comes home hopeful of fulfilling her dreams. She wanted her family back and she would have done anything to keep them. We witnessed the horrors of the lies he told her and the fact that we couldn’t stop her from walking into her doom. This is real life and real babies were lost. They cried for their Daddy as they took their last breath. I wonder if they would have held onto each other as they suffocated and died. Their poor mother in the dirt below them at the hands of their father the hero.

Gabby Petito is another one that will one day begin to fade. Her paranoia he kept feeding as he manipulated and controlled her. Who knows the exact moment when he snapped in his brain. When did she become collateral trash and how is it ok that this is who we have become. There is no justice or punishment anymore and it is getting on my nerves. If we are talking about missing angels than let’s talk about Amber Tuccaro. She was driving on the freeway with some guy talking to her brother who was in prison so that means jail. All phone calls are recorded so tell me how is it she has gone missing? Not just missing she is gone without a trace. One minute talking on the phone then silence as she exclaimed to her assailant where are you taking me? These women’s life were not for nothing even though they came here for a short stay so I ask you how do you honour them and I answer never stop saying their names.

In this day and age where Big Brother is watching it is impossible to think that these last moments are not being recorded. Amber’s mother may never have the answers that she seeks even though they can tell who she was sitting with HELLO EVERY CELL PHONE PINGS!! Amber may have been different because there is a chance she did not know her attacker like Gabby and Shannan. To die at the hand’s of your husband though something more needs to be done about this. When it comes to a direct violation of your vows that you took to protect I think we need to bring back the death penalty because let’s get real there is no respect. In front of God and his witnesses you lied through your teeth the only one who could possibly is Lucifer don’t you think? Matriachy genocide needs to be a thing. The result is capital punishment make sure those bastards and hurt and make them sing. I have always feared what could possibly happen when one has fallen asleep. Look at the cases of Lacey, Gabby and Shannan gross. Lacey too was pregnant when her husband tossed her in a watery grave. It has never made sense to me when they kill off their wives for their mistresses because don’t they end up back to where they just started. A mistress is only a mistress until she demands to be a wife and then she wants kids too don’t you think?

You know what I love most about women is how we don’t play around when it comes to seeking out our revenge. We don’t run around and hide and play games with peoples minds. We are usually always willing to take accountability and plead insanity or rage along the way. Yes I did that to him but did you know what he was doing to me? In our minds we justify our depraved actions and want to take accountability to boot. How does one forget the mental struggle that comes when stuck in a toxic, dead end marriage?  The final admittance of failure before you say goodbye to this sweet Earth. I wonder how different their lives would have been if they had the courage to walk away. We truly don’t know those that walk among us. How could we know who is friend or foe when those closest to us treat us in toxic ways? The scariest person most times is the one we sleep beside. They have the most to lose when shit goes sideways and hits the fan and they have the easiest access to suffocating us and watching us die.

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