MLM Scam?

It is very obvious that I love my Limelife and of course my Color Street. I found a way to not only love and pamper myself but not take away from my family financially. The reason I decided to write this article is because I read the most obnoxious article about how MLMs are a scam and should borderline be illegal. My thoughts…must be big business nosing their way in to take a piece of the pie. There is a reason why companies aren’t in the department stores and what it seems like to me is big fat cats keeping their HUGE share of the pie. The cosmetic industry is like 56 Billion dollars and it is making somebody rich and the rely on us believing that it can’t be you or me.  Maybe the reality is that it can’t be you or me but we can stop on having that mentality to feed into their imagery. To be honest I was offended by what the article was insinuating and let me begin to tell you why.

First off why not acquire high end beauty products that allow you to make a little pocket change for yourself. Trust me when I say this beauty products are expensive and that is what started my crusade for loving the skin we are born in. Cell turnover is every 6 months so if we want to radiate and shine from deep within why not give our cells the best little lives that they ever dreamed possible! Quality skin care means everything and if they are a company reducing their carbon foot print sign me up. To get my money out of that vicious cycle of colonized spending was an added bonus for me I do feel attacked when somebody say the whole idea is a scam because it is truly not. Take away the pressure of having to build a team and know in your mind you truly are doing it for you. Honestly. My desire was to have the best skin ever and I have tried thousands and thousands of different brands and products. I worked at Sephora it was part of my job so I know all about commission, expired, products and all that jazz. Being able to have faith in the ethics of a company that would reward me for being loyal just seemed like the best idea. It’s not about making a million dollars but truly loving the skin your in. Why feel guilty for being bougie when you can bring in a little extra too.

So another point made was the scheme was people signed up out of being lonely after being isolated.Yes, yes some people are slimey and unfortunately that is the nature of the business. What I began to realize is this journey into loving me so fully has nothing to do with anybody else but me. I am able to be happy and fulfilled and it is all because how you look at things. What I love about my Limelife and my Color Street is both founders are great, honest, hard working people who had a hope and dream just like me. Their struggle to the top was just as hard so who I am to question if they are any more worthy in fact I believe that I can trust in their faith as they have always did.  I love that my confidence in my education has brought me to a place that I will begin to pursue my passion. I want others to radiate with confidence just like I so I will fearless let them know what works for me. When it comes to what doesn’t I feel it is not my position to say. Know that if it is something that I would believe would benefit my routine I would definitely find a way to incorporate it. I can’t recommend a product that I don’t love and I can’t truly help you love your skin until you search deep within. I don’t do what I do other than it is the right thing for me. I can’t shop at a department store or drugstore no longer for my beauty products. I know what was sacrificed and lost for those products to be on those shelves and I can no longer buy into something so grotesque and oh so offensive.

There is also mention of cutting off and isolating of friends but that is also so out to lunch. Those friends cut themselves off from you because they don’t want to be approached. In the beginning I sent messages out because I was so damn excited. These were the ultimate in beauty products they were found on Broadway and Runway. Swoon my heart another connection to New York. What drives the wedge is the other parties preconceived notion that you would continue to inundate you until you are eventually weakened. The reason why I begin to distance myself is truly because wouldn’t a real friend want to at least give something a try? It’s not like I don’t see you putting on make-up paying me no mind. It’s the same thing with these million dollar manicures and not a little teensy bit of support. You begin to feel the sting of all the memes, you know which ones I mean so you gravitate towards the one who actually cheer for you and you just distance yourself from the rest.

I guess I shouldn’t be so bothered but this is my life. I am a licensed professional certified in over 30 countries but what do I know truly. It’s not like I used my face as a canvas to help prove what I am talking about but c’est la vie and excuse me if I do take it a tad personal as I am trying to lead by example and obtain a better life. I am worth it and I know you are too I just chose not to be added to the ranks of the MLM scam by sliding into your DM’s. I do value my time as do yours so maybe you want to dig deeper into what I do and what I am truly passionate about xx


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