Love Your Skin

I think what totally catches me off guard is the very realization that we all started from just one teeny tiny little cell that decided to replicate and create the being that we are. With no rhyme or reason we became a being with fur, feather or skin and our journey into self discovery began and could no longer be ignored. In one final instant we are created into this being full of so much hope and promise as we set off into the world. For that one little being who has no idea if those in their general vicinity are friend or foe they go off with an open heart and a zest to explore and undercover everything that comes alive in their world.

When we are young life is beautiful and we regard everything we wide eyes. We desire to learn about everything we see with no regard to if we should be discriminatory or even if we could potentially be harmed. We don’t see the danger the lies potentially behind every good deed or wayward shadow. We begin to condition our young to fear the things they no longer understand and teach them how to grow up with nervous anticipation and doubts in their mind and heart. There is so much to get wrong out there and so much to be hated for it is so hard to want to discover yourself even harder to want to step out of one’s front door. Once you have been touched by another’s jealous anger or unwarranted hate you become nervous in anticipation for what is waiting to get you when you are finally done.

In a conversation with my 70 year old Auntie, who I have always regarded with such an inquisitive heart, I was intrigued by her new outlook on life. She wanted to live simply on the farm that her own mother had tended to and lived out her days. I had no idea they were restoring their farm to it’s farmer glory with over 50 chicken and I think she said 3 or 4 goats. What utter bliss! I didn’t see how some saw this adventure as a waste of life and burden in her golden years. Apparently my cousin had been bothering her to go and do something what my aunt called “weird.” This I understood her desire to stay close to home. I am in my 40’s and staying close to my love source is what gets me through these trying times. Animals are not just a pet or a burden to me they were just a replicating cell of being something or somebody else. They still have life and a strong heart beat. My favourites are the animals that sing such as a kitten purr or song from a bird. I understood this life that my Auntie was gravitating towards. The life of pure natural forgiveness and understanding for all creatures on Earth. Which in all truth and honesty began to open my heart and mind.

What I began to believe that is if we all started from one single cell shouldn’t we try and influence the make-up of that cell that influences are entire body? Everything that we are can be reduced down to this one little point that helps define us to others in my head there has to be a different way. That one little cell means nothing until it replicates enough times and beings to create something wonderful, that wonderful being you. Why waste another moment filling your body and marinading your outside in plastic making ingredients that serve no nutritional purpose except to preserve you and me. Of course our cells get depressed and our social anxiety gets on the rise. We neglect the very essence of what it means to be alive because it is something that isn’t right in front of us (although it is) and it is something we have never heard. We have become so misguided with our misconceptions that we fail to see the damage we are doing to our bodies and we do so more than willingly.

Our presentation of ourselves is all we have to keep while we are alive in this world. Our cellular make-up will never change no matter the bleach or chemical we are content on filling our bodies with. I am guilty of doing all of that but at least I am wiser now and I am open to the possibilities that there has to be a cleaner way. Hence my obsession with loving your skin you are in and finding the beauty in everything that is alive in every possible way. My Facebook page, “Beauty With Sweet Ruby” is a place just for that. It is a place of all natural, organic beauty with minimal ingredients and beautifully at a fraction of the department store cost.

What I began to realize is that I should be confident in my knowledge of ingredients and how when used together they can transform the skin you are in. At least that is what was becoming my new found passion and I already had a Beautician License to boot. How do experts become experts without a lot of confidence and desire to see what was all out there and push the boundaries a little when it came to identifying and exploring. I am OBSESSED with finding the perfect skin care routine. You don’t get to 42 without a little bit of coaxing and encouraging from ingredients passed down from the generations, at least that is what I believed and came to understand. All the chemicals that are in the products that we loved I could do no more, that is what had me reaching for the pantry. What was missing from my routine was a Toner, a pH rebalancer to bring and maintain your pH to an optimal level. Our skin’s should have a pH of 5.5. This is the optimum pH level as this is where our barrier is most functional and where our skin’s moisture content is best. This makes it more resilient, less sensitive and better able to carry out its vital work of protecting us. The maximum pH is 7 which is the acidity of water. Any pH lower than 5.5 indicates skin that has a higher acidity level and could result in skin conditions or problems. It can become dry, sensitive or hypersensitive, and is susceptible to infections, diseases such as Atopic Dermatitis and conditions such as Rosacea.

The ingredients chosen for my toner were done so with very specific intent. My decision to infuse vitamin E oil with CBD was done so for their moisture retention capabilities. Combined together they become a super hero combating inflammations and wrinkles while nourishing our skin with a bevy of anti oxidants. My love of roses is obvious here as I simmer just enough water to cover the petals. Roses has long been used to ward of skin irritations as well as provide hydration. Who can get enough hydration, am I right? As this is all combining in the most magical way I take the time to prepare my cucumber water which is fantastic at fighting dark circles, dark sun spots and even soothe sunburns. The last ingredient that I add is witch hazel which is a very important toner and can help reduce pores. SAY WHAT!!! Reducing pore size is a common concern I used to see back in my department store days.

So there you have it. A nice and simple easy to do recipe to help you love the skin you are in. I have made a little tutorial for you all because I truly want us to be the best version of ourselves possible and we all truly do deserve to shine xx

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