MLM, Man, Myth, Legend?

I found myself laying in bed looking up Color Street Videos when I came across this one ( As much as I loved Color Street and the man behind the vision I was intrigued as to what other’s had to say so I watched. You should probably too in order for what I have to say make any sense next.

After watching the video it didn’t change how I thought. If you come in with such narrow blinders you would of course come to this conclusion. As far as being an MLM I am not sure that it is. I kind of consider it to be a glorified Mom’s Club that loves having glamourized nails. That as hard as we work and as hard as we try sometimes we just want to have that little piece of screams BUT I AM STILL A GIRL!! I am kind of appalled that this women would attack this man’s hard work and dreams. His story truly is 100% authentic and real. I don’t understand the mentality that says you should try to demolish his dreams.

( oh and this. Here’s a Color Street history that’s cool!

All I can say to you is do you understand the difference between patent and patent pending? All the strips you see in the stores have been provided by Mr Park. That is just facts in the market place there are no disrupting these facts. Now maybe, just maybe can this boil down to race? I don’t see another reason why you would come guns blaring with such an ugly face.

Facts are facts and then they are always backed by the truth. Some of us can’t afford the cost or even the time when we are running a full house. Maybe it makes sense to say it is cheaper somewhere else but that is if you only buy into that idea that you buy one strip at I time. I don’t. I pass on the savings to all of my friends. We throw parties and love on each other at least that is my dream. It is Mr Park’s too if you know what I mean. I met the man in person I heard what he had to say. It is like the 1970’s Tupperware party but with nails and that makes my day!! You see I don’t care if you are a Stylist with me or you just buy a Color Street Nail Strip if I can get you at some point in life you better believe I am going to pamper you. I am a licensed esthetician. In fact I am an International Beauty Specialist Level 2 and let me tell you for an at home manicure there is no better cure! Sure you can buy your expired strips at Wal-Mart or Ulta or where ever else you shop but once those mundane colours run out that is it Mr Park is not contracting anymore.

That is my dream and it is certainly my vision. I have always loved the way a perfectly polished hand looks and I hope to build my empire in doing so. Even to the Stylists who sign up under me and their friends and families too. I will become their Beautician, let’s see the Wal-Mart’s do what I can do.

So am I offended at such a narrow, one sided, completely biased opinion? I guess that would depend if I considered the opinion and the lack of thought going into the words being said. Like I have always known that if you go into something looking for a dumpster to set on fire then there is a good idea to know all the facts. There is a borderline to lies and slander and sometimes a felony comes if the damage is too severe. Trust me this I know. I just feel sad when I believe in the Coming to America dream and we all deserve to have our life’s work be recognized. Did you know how long it took for him to make this machine in his garage in New York? 17 years. Did you know that when he got his first million dollar contract from Avon he went right tot he streets and gave hard working men that had found themselves living on the down and outs on the street and gave them a job? That after 25 years they still work in his factory and they are now considered family? I guess those facts don’t count when you are trying to burn a man’s dream. For what purpose I can’t figure but nothing is ever as it seems.

Is it the Babysitter’s Club or Book Club but I love my lil sorority of Nail Sisters. It is a non stop pajama party and we all have glamourized nails. Who doesn’t love a mani and pedi and that is why I include that with all of my team. Once a month or at party time I just love the way self care and self love feels. After all that I have been through it is my friends I value the most. That is why I want to spoil, love and pamper them and curate treats to indulge their sense and noses. I dream for what could be even in my middle age. Maybe instead of bingo in our 70’s we can take turns and host Color Street Nail Bars. I think it could be all the rage. Speaking of age and all that jazz. I truly want to get into a Senior’s Home and Glam up their nails. There is value in the 4 in 1 strip and I see it as a women’s club. Helping each other out economically and providing some tender loving care. That is how I see it all in my heart anyways. Her defense of getting cheaper she obviously didn’t have any insider info. Right now I am saving 30% because Mr Park is giving us an increased holiday bonus. What did you get this holiday as a bonus and what did your valued Wal-Mart give you? When you buy from me I give my friendship, love and respect. And the ultimate in gal pal pampering because in life we deserve to be bougie!!!

Join me today!!!

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