To Find Peace

The reality in life is we all want to find our person and we will distort our own passion to fit in with another’s image.

Think of all the ways we glorify our own pain. When we can chose happiness above all we tend to focus on the sorrow forgetting to let go of everything in life that doesn’t serve us learning to make ourselves happy once again.

When I think about my cats, I mean of course I do, they give me the strength to reach out in life and try again. It is hard to be sad in a house of fur that thinks the best of me. Preferring to be with me than anywhere else in this world. To me that is the biggest compliment. I can trust that their feeling are purr…I mean pure and they remind me love is unconditional and free.

An animal doesn’t focus on retaliation or revenge. All they want is comfort and loved and to be snuggled and the occasional pet. So what that they sleep a ton. Legend has it their song has the capability to heal. Just saying. I love the way they make themselves at home on my chest as they sing directly to my heart.

Imagine a world where we behaved more like animals. How much civilized would we all behave? Think about the biggest concern in the animal kingdom. Food? Shelter? Love? Think about how much more we require as humans like we are the only creatures that inhabit this world. We want the most space like we are the only ones entitled to it and dress ourselves with over priced clothes. Think about how much money is spent just in the closets of Hollywood alone while people on the other side of the world grow up hungry, freezing and poor. Where is the equality when it comes to histories opportunists. The rich got richer as the poor kept dying. More lives paid the ultimate price in order for the elitists to capitalize and thrive. Animals don’t think like that. They want everybody to eat. The hierarchy comes as a matter of survival preparing the pack for the inevitable kill.

This is where I get confused. How hard others lives used to be. It’s like we took our existence and ground it into nothing and no longer care about the innocent lives lost and blood spilled. The way we act and behave like we are the only ones entitled. I feel sad when I hear about innocent lives taken at the hands of a deranged individual. The life lost would do anything just for one more day but then there are those of us here who are far too demanding and out of touch.

Sure there is having fun and being light but should it ever be at the expense of another? When does one stop comparing each other and desiring what another has? Stopping at nothing to fulfill your own desires at the expense of anybody else. We run into it all the time and everyday. It gets so exhausting and there is no reason for that.

In a hundred years none of us will be here and everything we have done in this life will long be forgotten. Here in Canada there is a province under water and we are all shocked like man never made it possible by raping the land. You don’t get to mine a planet empty then lay concrete all over it like humans are the only ride and day. We perverted nature and she is retaliating why is it we are all looking so surprised? Everything that we had made this planet into we did for no good reason. There are animals and life forms that will never grace this Earth again we did this and nobody else.

Why haven’t we tried to figure out the real meaning of life? To a parent we want our children to simply have a better life than the ones we had but what the hell is that supposed to mean? A life void of love because both parents work and when they do have free time together they fight like cats and dogs. Holidays are canceled because we all have to work but at least there will be presents hopefully enough to keep our hearts full. They rarely stay full it seems as our eyes have become so wide. Consumed with what we don’t have. What a wild ride!

There is so much truth to the idea of what if we could all just get along. Stop comparing the 1920’s to the 2020’s now! What difference does this comparison make? What could this possibly mean? The only thing we have in common between the two is the pompous bigots sitting on top of their thrones telling us common folk what to do ❤

I mean I live in a world where I just found out people like Sophie Scholl existed. I can’t imagine being executed at 21 years old. Found guilty of high treason and gullitoned surrounded by all my peers. The ones she fought to save and gave up her freedom and life for laugh and dance just outside her grave. I live in a world where a young woman’s life being snuffed out to soon is being compared to as not wanting to take a vaccine. My heart shatters as I understand the gravity of her last words and I cry because she never should have died. To be so brave in your life that you never gave up fighting. I hope the world can realize the magnitude of your sacrifice. I hope that one day we can so you can finally be at peace.

“How can we expect righteousness to prevail when there is hardly anyone willing to give himself up individually to a righteous cause…. It is such a splendid sunny day, and I have to go. But how many have to die on the battlefield in these days, how many young, promising lives.”

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