Live, Laugh, Love and Play

The quality of the air we breathe all depends on the company we keep and I doubt you can convince me of any other way. Think about the hot air that comes out of some people’s mouth like an obnoxious shot of polluted exhaust or molten air. The lies some say in order to break another down is truly what is wrong with the human race.

The activities that some engage in speak volumes for who they are. Think about the nightmares some create while the rest of the world tries to sleep. Awakened by the beast for one last time everything inside you lashes out in exhaustion and failure except for this time you have come prepared to rip out a heart and an eye. Real men don’t coward  behind there mistakes and cast stones with a blink of an eye. They don’t try to profit off of another’s hard work but it happens regularly. There is no meeting of the minds or seeing eye to eye. What ever happened to a good old fashion heart to heart? What is the sense of that when you are more than content to rip your fellow man apart. Feed your enemies with their entrails and don’t pay them no mind. We live in a world that is no longer consensual, just profits and back stabbing when the time is right.

Listen, observe, participate but keep in mind the desire to profit. Capitalization is the only thing that is keeping us all going. Racism is alive in all of us and we all have a hand in it waiting to play our card. Sitting on our haunches on top of our lies and filth waiting to manipulate and save. No decent human being wants to make it to the end while they live you in their dust. That I believe is absolutely obscene because the meaning of life should touch us all. Not one or two or the elite or poor but what makes us all the same is our ability to come alive, even to dance and sing. To feel the life in everything that moves and even in the things that have the ability to take our breath away.

Watering my plants has become the greatest joy as I watch the coco coir expand and fill with water. In and amongst the little fine hairs the nutrients of life make its way down through nourishing the roots that sustain life and bring to life a great display above it’s surface. That is what I watch for the way it all responds to my touch. I trace my fingers around the outline of each pot working my way to the stock and it’s center. Each plant gets my undivided attention as I sift through the grains of life and look for signs of strain or apprehension. The idea that my life should be made easier at another person’s demise will never ever be OK with me. In a room full of bullies I am for the underdog because they are most likely to have their heart broken and feel the sting.

To remove ones purpose from this existence distorts this realm of possibilities and makes it impossible to believe  we are worthy of anything else. The way life is perceived is done differently as we look for excuses to allow others in. There is always the risk though that you will turn out like me though Too content to let anybody in who doesn’t have fur or feathers. Ain’t that the truth and facts!

What people are capable of in their most purest forms is horrifying, alarming at best. I still maintain my friend was pushed by his ex wife but who am I to say what I believe. You have to speak your mind as long as you stay fierce in your truth and everything else should peel away as being surreal but don’t be malicious and desire to inflict harm. Be it to others or onto ourselves it is life’s greatest gift that we have been given to express ourselves in the most fulfilling sort of ways.

When we disaccoiate ourselves from reality one or two things happen, obviously. You either fall in love with life again or you become more deranged entirely. You know what I mean. Incredibly angry for no reason unleashing your furry onto everybody else while you sit around making others discontent. That is what happens when misconstrued energy that was meant to enlighten, harms, and all sense of love and security has now become long gone. The callous ways some carry on knowing that they have caused to another makes me sad but it softens my heart. Maybe not entirely as we have to be careful as not everybody and everything is as it seems. The diligence people put into everyday life puts us at risk if we begin to get to weak and believe everything we say. There are those in life who get the greatest satisfaction when we fall and they are the ones standing on our backs so we can’t get up.

So I am weary as I value my entity in this space and time and put a value to all the things I can experience, feel and see. I can see the sun come alive in those I love and it makes me smile just because. To careess another being in the most purest of ways reminds us what it means to be human. To Live, Laugh, Love, Play. What we experience in this moment is the only thing of value that we ever have yet we lose that value over and over again and still lust for more. We don’t wish for others to succeed if it might mean we might have to take a step aside so we become obnoxious and others just want to be mean so I rise up. I rise up no matter how weak I feel or how everything inside me is screaming to give up. I know I will one day when it’s all said and done so I feel blessed and grateful for what I find in the here and now.

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