Evil Is As Evil Does

The things that bug us throughout the day is just over hyped paranoia that when used incorrectly can drive us insane. We tend to focus on the bad because we never want to be taken off our guard or heaven bid by surprised so we live with our backs up against a wall so we can see our enemy eye to eye. Well that is how it should be instead of this underhanded cowardness and I am not sure how long I am willing to stay around and entertain. Truth be told I would rather set off a dumpster fire then believe all these lies that have been told. Open your eyes as wide as your lids will allow and steady yourself with both feet on the ground. Not everybody is who they appear first to be and they would rather rip off a friend then go toe to toe. The odds are never in your favour if you insist on keeping company like that.

I am not scared to use my voice to stand up for something that is out of skew or just out of balance and in this day and age a growing propensity for just not is seemingly to be ok or even morally right. Everybody wants to step on those that try to feed them then scream at whoever is listening whenever they are always starving or continuing to be poor. Good people get tired of being led astray so they just become numb to all of the abuse. They see the world a lot differently and it isn’t amounted by the notches on your bed post or the tears that you have tattoo’d on your face. My battle scars are real and are potentially life threatening so I refuse to believe somebody who just ain’t acting right. If you are hungry with your hand out and somebody gives you a sandwhich do you complain about the bread? Do you publicly go on a rampage saying like at this gnarly mother f*cker who had the audicity to slice me up a sandwhich and serve it to me on white bread. Don’t they see I only consumme multigrain you can see it underneath all this filth. The slime you use to protect you will be your own undoing in the end.

Tell me you don’t hear that obnoxious wind coming out of another person’s mouth. How dare you try to help me when all I want to do is slice your throat instead. I see the way that other’s have betrayed you so I will serve you up as the example instead. An eye for an eye unless you can continue sucking at the teat some will never be strong enough to let go and other’s will choke on that very substance that they so willingly consumme. I see you peering down your nose at me with this snide level of content like somebody as pretty as myself could have no idea how this game is even played. How could you even know my story because trolls only come out to stomp about. They have nothing to say of value till they slunk under the bridge they come out from. Sure I am nice until you threaten my values then the long burn of ancestral pride takes over and I will not rest now till my story is heard.

So it is people like you who prefer to be sneaky and gross. Why lay amongst the wealthy and successful when you can bump uglies with the nastiness of life like nobody else. What you brag about in your lime light should make other’s wretch over in pain. The monster that is alive in you is the one that wants to suck away everybody’s pride. You don’t see success when another start threatens to shine brighter than yours you see violence and rage. You make up lies to fit your tail of obnoxious filth to appease the nastiness that is your following. When you told on me to Instagram like a child being bully on the school ground all you did was do one thing…you exposed to me your jugular, your main artery, and I will be damned if I won’t stop till I am through. The predator in you attacks the weak, female and sick and you see “my friend” can I even call you that? I used the term loosely all things considering. I would rather have no one in my life then to be surrounded by the fake press that you seem to have built. There is no way your victim stop at just one, it’s too predatory, or the way a grown man feels the need to attack a female. I see you. I smell you and the stench that you bring into my life while be aired out like yesterday’s garbage, like filth when that day comes it will be so satisfactory.

See unlike you I don’t need to sow my seed because everything I need comes deep down inside of me. I don’t need another to validate my existence or worth and you should be ashamed from wanting to hand down such misery. Evil does as evil wishes and I am so thankful that you have allowed yourself to be exposed. The monster you see comes from your own reflection because it is in others that it becomes all that you see. Stealing. Sin. Adultery. Sin. Greed. Sin. Jealousy. Sin. That is all that is possible to reflect from your eyes. My blood runs cold when the realization sinks in that more people like you exist and is in that feeling for hope that I can never let go. To steal from the poor just so you can be rich I can’t think of no greater sin. One day when all the sticky icky has cleared my friend I hope you have found some compassion in some of my words. Doing the right thing is impossible these days and so is it to be a good friend. In a world where big pharma and big corporations keeping winning we will never be able to see eye to eye. One day when we take our last breaths we will see just how silly all this fighting was really for. From my last breath to an angels lips you never know what’s truly lost until its gone.

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