137 Shots

I live in a world where we justify our actions based on the color of our skin. Our beautiful babies being executed right in front of our eyes and there is not a damn thing we can do about it.

A 12 year old boy dies at the hands of the men and women who we pay to protect us and nobody cares or turns even an eye. Her baby now returned back to the place where she can no longer comfort him and those responsible get to tuck their babies in and help them say their prayers.

This life isn’t fair and I am scared. Listening to all these racist rednecks exclaim George Ffloyd deserved to die and Kyle Rittenhouse stand on top of his throne as law enforcer and executioner. We watched a state be over run by these same over entitled, self righteous individuals that bring more hate and pain our way than we ever dreamed or imagined. You think it would be simple. Love onto others. Be good onto others. Be the change the world so desperately needs because the world is crumbling underneath all the weight. We live in a world where you CAN NOT TRUST the police. I watched as each police officer called to testify against an execution of a man and a woman pleads the fifth in order to protect one of their own from being fingered as a murderer. You are paid to serve and protect not cower and execute an unarmed couple citing fear when you are a professional. No this world is messed up and we are just puppets. I am so sad for all the children we will claim to murder in self defense.

So many people exclaim Rittenhouse acted in self defense. He was a coward dress for war who killed innocent people by accident. People tried to unarm him as the shots fired off and we had no idea the identity of his victims until his lawyers needed to unearth unsavory activities when they were just out of being teens. Only the courageous and strongest can be kind and be silent. We hate each other so much for all that makes us human and I couldn’t feel more sadder or at a loss for what has become of the human race. Can’t we stop fighting? Even if for only a minute? What about our children? A 12 year old boy gets killed by police officers for doing what kids do, playing cops and robbers. How do I comfort the parents who grieve by the men and women who took their lives and who promised to lay down their lives as they served and protect.

Where is justice and can we ever hope to get it back? Those who die for no reason who leave behind their loved ones to suddenly grieve. I live in a world where a cop can stand on the hood of a supposed suspects car and shoot 15 bullets into his windshield at point blank range. 137 shots is what is “justified” when a car backfires and rides off into the night. I know this pain. I understand this fear. I had a girlfriend of mine smoking weed out of a pop can one night and we got pulled over for the flashing light. I understand that it may look unusual but it would no way look like gun shot. Why have EVERY cop in Ohio chase two crack smokers and kill them dead. You can hear the radio. Two men with guns the radio said but it was a homeless woman and her black friend just driving in a backfiring car smoking crack.

Watching this documentary makes me sick. It reinforced that there is segregation running rampant in our communities and the color of your skin will determine if they chose to protect you or make you pay for your skin. I watched EVERY cop plead the fifth which rings, I am a coward hiding behind my badge and I will be damned if I do the right thing. To witness a crime and not say what you say shows a massive cover up and EVERY officer should be fired. Two innocent people unarmed. Killed in cold blood. These were the babies of our own citizens and is the blaring example of what is wrong. Tell the truth. Do what’s right. What is up with this double standard. As the clowns paraded themselves in front of the judge they invoked their fifth ammendment and my citizens heart says they can’t be trusted!

Every where I look it is the stench of white privilege saying these people of color needed to die for their sins. The WHOLE Ohio detachment became their judge and executioner and became celebrated in their communities of sin. Ask your heart if your car back fired do you deserve to die? Ask your soul if your child was addicted to crack does that justify a police officer killing him? Imagine their fear inside that car as they new they were about to get executed by police. Colored parents shouldn’t have to tell their children be more careful then your white friends at school because everybody you know will look down at you differently. Don’t play outside. Don’t hang out with friends. I am sorry for who we are and that we are made to live differently. As a child you can’t see how cruel men are and how the men on top will always see you differently.

My husband’s friend is the biggest racist I know and even believes Kyle Rittenhouse was justified in killing a pedophile. A 20 year old man dating a 17 year old but in his eyes he needed to justify the crime and in my eyes I can’t keep this monster far enough away. Most 20 year old men would sleep with that young girl, included my husband’s friend who bangs everything that moves but somehow now he is holier than though and he just turns my stomach when he breathes. He is the example of what is wrong with the world as he is the living example of every bigots heart. The strong, courageous man is non violent so what does that say for all men involved who insist on trying to separate us.

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