What It Means to Be Human

I shudder to think of what humans are capable of because everywhere around me is humans in engaging in all the wrong things. We believe in our imagery existence of a land that could never possibly hurt us but it is humans that are the most despicable. I will never believe the lies the higher ups betray us with because they have been spewing their filth since the dawn of time.

Look around you. Do you honestly like what we see and who we have become? Most of us can’t travel beyond our homes and the rest of us out too tired with all the lies that are being said. To live an existence where life is trying to constrict us I don’t know if I ever want to breathe again. Breathe this holier than though contaminated air that keeps coming for our women and children and anybody else who is to weak to fight them. I see bad people and they live across the street keeping up with their tirade of filth for all those around them to see.

What made us ALL want to live this way as we erect our palaces of power. Forever altering our beloved skyline with concrete, mortar and filth. We choke the life out of any other thing we share this Earth with trying to convince ourselves we came first so it must be ours. Unlike the other species we share our existence with they rarely needed to evolve. Perfect in the image they were given they don’t obsess over what and why that they were born. They have this natural zest for life that we can’t fathom so we refuse to relate and more.

Animals in their simplest form show us compassion we can never imagine. Sure I am “the crazy cat lady”. Always have been since the day I was born. Growing up on a farm was my animal calling. Suppressing that natural urge to live amongst God’s creature only brought me pain. Comfort. Compassion. Love. Is all necessary to our healing and unlike where man has always failed me animals never have. Animals never lusted after me or treated me like an object. They try to rest their paws around me or paa away at my tears. They have never taken a moment of my own vulnerability in order to benefit their own.

I remember when I was brutalized by three men downtown and I needed to be taken to the hospital. My friend came with me and waited for hours in the filthiest hospital I have ever seen and here I was thinking he was trying to be nice. Nah. He always had a thing for me but he had a girlfriend and I never thought anything of it. Ya I guess I should have. Even in my brutalized state, watching a movie he said at least they didn’t damage my tits. Gross right? I was raped till the point where my lower regions were mush and all this fool was trying to do was cop a feel up my shirt. Go away. Far away. I don’t think I even talked to him after that night. What he just canceled out after 8 hours of waiting was he was just a pig like everybody else. What I wanted was a friend somebody to tell me it was going to be alright and what I got instead was another man with his dick out trying to make it right. All these little reasons is why it makes it hard to trust ANYONE. When given the choice of human decency most will always chose the exact opposite.

Why is sex and sexual gratification the be all end all to most human beings? Imagine if animals get off the way that humans do. The whole world would be blanketed in semen. Forget slipping on banana peels we will be falling because of piles of animal jizz. Animals go into heat just as humans do yet we can’t seem to think beyond the activity that is going on in our pants. I remember my first relationships when I was younger. Have as much sex as physically possible that is the only way anybody will ever stay with you. Men still lied and cheated no matter how much I put out so the answer wasn’t in how long I could remain vertical my idea of self worth was coming from me in my own head sex isn’t the be all end all to me. Life and the intrinsic beauty that emits from all of us is where the real value of life comes in.

So I refrain in engaging with too many although I do still dream of changing the world. It’s hard to trust others authenticity and the characters that they elude to and try to portray. Facades only last for so long before they begin to crumble. No structure lasts forever no matter how you try to fortify it. Eventually time will return it back to the Earth it was taken from and there will be retrieving what was taken once it was received. To continuously disrupt what is so natural and free will be the demise of so many just you wait and see! There has to be a rebalancing in nature of some sorts don’t you think? It isn’t fair to think of how some lives will never realize their fullest potential and how so many of us will fail to see eye to eye. That is what makes my heart weak when I think of the lives that will never possibly be. Through no fault of their own they will always be tarnished a little be differently never realizing their truest potential and being too dull to shine. Those are the people I care for the most. The ones where all others before them have just decided not to care or just eventually forgot I won’t do what they did I will make my life count and heart sing. Authentic in my approach to mankind and nature I hope that one day being kind will be the right thing.

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