To The Bitter End

Did you ever read a warning label and think there is nobody on Earth stupid enough to use such and such for that.  The fact that the warning was necessary in the first place should be the only piece of informatiom you need to know and the labels get stupider. Kinda like people. So many people these days come with a disclaimer about how their sh*t don’t stink and if there is any sort of odor coming off of their body it must have been sh*t thrown their way from somebody else. Anybody else. Because nobody in their right mind will accept fault or blame.

I remember my first Pin-up meet up beside the traditional car show scene. I was excited, of course, as this was my first time making any sort of contact with humans outside of work. Did you ever consider how incredibly hard it is to meet anybody organically these days and have a hope of getting along. Truth be told I am not a drinker I would rather smoke what mother nature gave us instead of fermented grapes and beans. Water into wine until all gloves comes off. Ever been in a room where your beauty was determined by your waist size and a club was formed glorifying just that. In case you are wondering I am no longer privy to “hot” girl kinda information because truth be told I am kinda fat.

I do enjoy the outside looking in because here I don’t have to conform. I don’t have to pretend to be somebody I don’t want to be because in my heart I know that I am all that. Maybe not to the rest of the world but I am “all that” to just me. It took long enough to get here and I lost a lot of along the way. Friends come and go. They drop like flies from the sky leaving you left wondering what that was all for and why. To those who are always discouraged can’t they see they bring it on themselves? There is only so long you can lie, cheat and steal for till the gig is over and you are all played out. To those that think it’s cool to rip off another’s legacy and steal from another’s family table your time is coming. Greed is short lived. You can only steal from so many sources before the well dries up and you are left shaking your head. There are good people in life who just need a hand and it’s the evil that over floweth in some that make it impossible for the simplest of us to break bread.

Don’t we all strive to make the most out of life until our insecurities get in the way? We are all destined to live a life that can only be defined by the mind entrapped in our physical form. Our mind is tortured by these preconceived notions of who society deems ourselves good enough to be. What some of us are capable of when we think nobody is around to see us is shocking but not surprising as doing what is morally right has fallen to the wayside. It’s sad truly. There are those who do things out of the goodness of their heart to exercise their right to human compassion while there are those who mistake kindness for weakness and take it all away. Doesn’t that kind make your heart cringe and your cry? I know mine does and it does so alot. What people are capable and more than willing to do to each other makes me want to run for the highest hills and never come back.

So when people slander another what is it you should think. Think that who would do that to another being. Threatening another’s livelihood for no good reason but all too entirely has to do with your ego. That is where we as human beings fail over and over again. A good deed is done. The evil in another sees good deed and uses it to their advantage to use another and harden their heart instead. Scorned people don’t evolve that way. They are the constant manipulation of another’s thoughts and feelings until their evil deeds are done. Consider those that air all that they have access to for the whole world to see. No loyalty nowhere just fame, fortune and dollar signs which will one day be taken away for all to see. I never understood this mentality those that stab others I’m the back. As soon as someone says send a screen shot I laugh out loud and dip out. If they do it once they will do it again. They will do it when it is convenient for them…they will make it so the insanity never ends.

Is it for the people when you are ripping them off and giving nothing back? Think of the character that defines you or you can’t think of nothing good to say when laying flat on your back? Humans are attracted to the things they can not see. They will do anything to keep those feelings that are pleasurable some get stunted by their greed. When nothing is left around you and time has taken everything away what’s left? Your thoughts, your feelings, your memories. Are you OK with everything you could have been and everything it is you have done? Did you try your best and live your wildest dreams or did you step to the side and let the world slip you by? I wish I had the sense, I think, to think the way most do. To miss the magic that could be felt if only you just believe. Believe in a life worthy of yourself and believe you are worth living your dreams. It has to be possible for one of us to get it right doesn’t it before one of us ends up dead. I guess I will live every day trying at least. I will keep trying to the bitter end.

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