Protect Your Peace

Protect your peace and know your worth no matter the demons that come to feed. Aren’t I human capable of making mistakes or do I always have to be raked before the coals? I try. Boy do I ever and there are some beings out there always with their hands out waiting to take until there ain’t no more. Those beings aggravate my nerves but there ain’t nothing more one can do. Be annoyed and tip toe on egg shells isn’t that what the rest of the world thinks you deserve? Protect your peace for as long as you got and if something doesn’t feel like move along until you get served!

Tit for tat until they take their last breath. Make sure the company you keep around you is by company you can trust. Some only have arrived to try and knock you over and deter you. It is those beings that I try tirelessly to avoid. Some days I get ensnared till I can no longer breathe I am tired of those that try to make it so I can’t see. Why? I am only just one and all I do is try what else should I be doing before the day I die? I will make far more mistakes in life and there is nothing I can do to change that. I am not a religious martyr just a woman with a family trying to make it in this world. I try. Boy do I ever. How humbly sweet it would be if I could just be loved by all that is me instead of hot stoned and exposed for all the world to see. It’s the elements that worry me and not the truth that I bare. You can’t win for trying if your always resisting all the good that can’t find you.

Own your emotions even the ugly ones. You know all the ones we don’t like to admit. Don’t live in the past it hurts to stay there but what if it is the only thing that feels good? Sometimes it does and some time it doesn’t. It depends on who evoked the feeling and how long it took to get there. I am not perfect. Never ever claimed to be I just don’t ever hold my head down in shame for all of the things I have said and am going to say. To err is to humans after all the dust has settled and maybe just a touch up just in case. You never know who is watching and most people get off when others fail. How gross!

The return to innocence. Or at least to a time more simpler. I will never believe we were meant to be this over stimulated. Who grates your nerves? Who gets off on your pain? Make sure you are off and running to save yourself so all is not in vain. Some feel like that and you know what they say, if somebody is setting off your spidey senses then you best be running away. And fast. No more looking behind. Life is too short to always be wondering so who cares if some of it doesn’t make sense. Until it needs to be and it slaps you right in the face. Sometimes life is just like that no matter the preparations ahead of time or how far it is you start ahead. Some people don’t care and that shouldn’t matter. Focus on the small things on life if you have to. The things that make your heart go pitter patter. I like those days. I live for those moments. The simplest things we take for granted that make it all count.

Am I delusional thinking that inner peace is something we carry inside of us and we can access it at any time. I have fallen in love with salt for how close to nature it is found and can be derived. Our tears are full of salty goodness just like the ocean that harbors and shelters ones heart. Listen to the sounds you can’t hear that remind you if who you once were. With your eyes close you can be anyone. This I am more than sure of. Believe me because you think so too or tired from all the times you have been had. I just want to live where the air finally feels good can that really be so terrible and bad? Most beings want to be recognized or at least have there existence authenticated. Isn’t that what makes one rage out against us? When nobody notices them until their last hoorah.

Your inner peace is your temple it is where your thoughts come to gather and pray. You can’t let another disrupt you making your true sanity be questioned and come out and play. My brain is mush at times it is hard for me to control. I think that is why I have fallen so wide of being honest. I truly have nothing to hide. I remember how it used to be when I used to be happy. I just have to spend more time on the winning side of the smile instead of waiting for the anchor to drop on the tooth and nail. It makes no sense these words I write yet I make a point of trying to show at times day and sometimes at night. Who knows. Maybe somebody cares. Remember to strive to reach that one. Then another one if you dare.

I believe in me. Do you believe in me? Would it make a difference to me in any way if you told me that you don’t. It shouldn’t make q difference if I am to become the light I seek because in the end it should only be the light in me that matters. Not trying to state the obvious it’s not about your peace and how you are feeling its kinda more about me than it has ever been about you.

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