The Human Experience

Don’t humans ruin the human experience? In order for you to begin to see the value to life you have to be willing to sever appendages off that no longer serve you. Easier said than done isn’t it? That is where you have to disconnect yourself from those feelings. Feelings make us irrational as humans so learning to inhibit or numb the most volatile of feelings we have to learn what we have become and can no longer ignore. Quiet simply, we need to ignore what we learned so far in being human because it is those that can’t see past the limitations of our bodies that put a shadow on all those who are trying to see. And what does a shadow do? It prevents growth from what lies underneath so indirectly what society has taught us is to come out of the shadows and actually feel those things we could not see. It is not enough to accept what lies in front of us as being gospel or truth but we have to succumb to all that is possibility in order for us to become all the things we could not see. There are a lot of emotions that come with being able to experience this life and it is no wonder why there have been martyrs who wanted to keep us under their control. The creative mind when unleashed can have devilish like consequences because it will teach us a different story that THEY never wanted us to see. Who is THEY and what have THEY done for us truly. They took us to a world that only existed in their minds and in our memories. THEY needed us to succumb to the daily wishes and the mundane like tasks that took away our spirits and such a deadly cost. Shakespeare was a real man telling of a time where nature ruled and so did magic. Until the humans in us did not like that they couldn’t profit so they controlled all the things that were used to entertain us. Keeping us under their control, right thumb and nerve.

What a tale did they weave when the mind was unable to conceive the boundaries and barriers that were laid down to rest seemingly undisturbed and out of place. We don’t question much about the information that is given to us. Why would those we pay to serve us do something so underhanded getting on everybody’s last nerves. There is so much wrong in the world today and we all sit here because we are convinced and told that we can’t do a dang thing. There would be no life possible outside the life we already know so we better buckle ourselves in if we want to manage on for too long. Anytime resistance is made it is made with vulgar like oppression and regression. We don’t want too many people find happiness outside of what can be legally prescribed and maintain because it gives us a reason to keep private and confidential information on file. Every mundane task we can think of during the day gets written down when we are with our physicians. Our sworn moments of being private. Of course they take notes. They would almost have to do so in order to be successful. There are far too many patients in a day for note taking not to be possible. It would be expected for a Doctor to make a note to jog their memory on their next visit. It is called be personable and have almost been told in every job I have ever held that knowing a little tidbit of information can be useful too. How else do you win somebody over and make the small moments in life count.  You remember what is important to you but we are human so we like to make a note or two.

Humans sink to an even lower level when they get it in their head that they don’t want another to survive. The power that some hold over others while they are seemingly always shaking their heads is kinda gross. I hate having that thought about others but the way they carry on is just like uhmm did that really happen? Why would you? Do we even still have to be friends? I ask for forgiveness too so I am always asking at what point I should draw the line. You know what I mean right? You can’t ask somebody to forgive you if you can’t forgive yourself and of course forgive another for committing the same act. Makes sense kinda right? Maybe it just did in my head lol. And there it is. Does it matter what another person thinks about you? Should it? Humans wreck what it means to be human by over staying their welcome and in some cases their will to fight. Give it up and move along or grab a barrel like Donkey Kong. Let’s get it on. Stop beating around the bushes and get to the point. Some people have air for days and I am over here like is the drought over yet because I just need to live!! If somebody infringes on your basic right to have a little peace in your heart then it is ok to sever all ties and scamper into the forest to hide the days away. Depends on what you are hoping to find or maybe even you plan on staying. Who told us we had to live a certain way and ask yourself exactly what it is they had to gain. It seems taking away our drive and self esteem went away when they took our pride. Any time any of us have felt a little bit of happiness there they were right on top of us. Taking away our simple rights and freedom again almost like they had control of our breath and how much air we need to live like it is something they can control.

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