Secretly We Do

The simplest way to look at life is to look towards all the basics that have been provided to us. It’s our limitations of our mind that make this existence unbearable.

In this world there is murder and there is suicide and both outcomes make it so life as we know it can never be the same. Why would somebody kill themselves? Well the answer that we seek is surprisingly simple. They either had enough of the sh*t others dish out at them or it was done in a moment of mania they can never take back. Both outcomes undesirable but that all depends on who you ask.

Now murder. One of the single acts that a human can engage in that makes my heart tug and think what the hell is wrong with somebody to make them do something like that. I get the heat of the moment and how fragile we as humans actually are but to look into the eyes of another as they take their final breath. All leads back to power because why else would anybody want to take away another’s free will to life. Is it because we are incapable of knowing what happens in that moment so we want to control it for all to see? There is no bigger sin in this life than a young soul taken far too soon. Their words that they spoke while they were living should serve as gospel to the rest of the world.

Jesus died young and he died for our sins. When making the choice to live a life filled with righteousness we would rather chose all the damaging things. Hurt those we love and sleep with our best friends wife. What else could one do with all this time in the absence of doing all the right things. Be kind and help others live their best life. Why be the thing that destroys another and all the bad things I just said but humans get off on that. We love perverting our control over anything that breathes and bonus points to all who can make another breathe.

Ever try and remember how this all started. When the higher ups that be decided to take it all away. I do. I remember every moment in time that has affected somebody. It should affect you too until you take it to the grave. If another life was taken too soon at the hands of another isn’t it up to us to try and take away the pain? I try to. I don’t want to steal away from another to make my life seem better. What would be the satisfaction in that?

Work for life and be present in everyday. I know life is difficult but you have to try and stay. We all do. We are the magic intertwined into everyday but there have been those in power trying to take it all away. For what purpose and for why? Why would life be so painful? That is the question that keeps me awake. What keeps you awake?

Should life should be such a boisterous¬† display of all the things you don’t have but lust after? Should every day be you you working till your fingers begin to bleed to make another being bleed? Half of our income goes to taxes and it was designed that way to keep us suppressed and always desiring for more. We are SO busy in all that we do it is no wonder our tales growing up were about raising your family in a shoe. All the tales we had were morbid but they never strayed from the truth. The evils they talked about getting us were just over weight white men in suits.

All the evil they pretended was everybody else was in fact them. Just imagine the conversation as your head hits the pillow…”land ho ever there! But captain that is not where we are going! Look it is inhabited with free colored people how many can we fit in our boat who cares about morales and if we shall even keep them. They can work our lands and we can keep them weak by not feeding them and beating them. What a splendid plan. Fire up the kettle and let’s have a spot of tea!”

Anybody who wasn’t white or royal got enslaved no joke. What confuses me most is my generation is saying they did nothing wrong but we are setting up days and monuments to honor them. Go all in or don’t even bother. That’s like pouring vinegar into an open would before you put the cast on. Or you a jack*ss or is there even a point. Be kind instead of being mean. Be the bigger person when you maybe the smallest. Stand up tall and say the words you believe because all you have the power to set the weights that bind you free. We see it all the time. To scared to be all that you are because another being out there told you how in all the ways you can’t. Imagine how much easier life would be if we narrated our own story instead of believing on the beliefs that were made by somebody else. Ever here the voice of an over pompous moron who is content on driving you insane instead of focusing on your thoughts and feelings instead. Oh ya I got that feeling too. Always the lepur not the martyr when I walk into a room.

I get all the feelings and for the most part they are incredibly intense. I have to be able to turn it off and on at some point because if I don’t my mind and heart may just explode! Imagine how much different we would feel if we focused on the immense positive energy instead of being the point of weakness in the room. I hate that point of weakness as does everyone. Nobody wants to be the reason why another being is upset but secretly we do.

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