Happy Birthday Betty White

Her departure so eloquently timed even on her last day. No struggle, just cries and tears from every eye as the realization of our Earth Angel who slipped peacefully away in her bed.

All the memes about protecting our National Treasure in bubble wrap now come into play. What a beautiful non judgemental light who was friends to many if not all. Sure she taught us so much of who we wanted to be. I remember one summer trying to get okie dokie to catch on like I was Rose Nylund. I loved her for her raw innocence and that she came from a farm. I mean it helped a lot that she was comfortable under even Eazy E’s arm.

She stood up for what it meant to be human and she was the embodiment of love and light. She was able to see the beauty in so many of life’s creatures with her light being the source guiding us all home. What a day or in her case what a night. Imagine going so peacefully, alone but without a fight. My heart tugs when I think what that all means. One moment you are here breathing the next minute you well you know I don’t know.

What does it mean when a life moves on, who are we to say. I know in somewhere inside me in their fleeting moment of life it gives me the courage to reach for another day. No matter the content that unfolded previously from the day before I can move towards something more. Can you imagine her life? One of the last Golden stars. Forever respected for all that she has done. A true blessing to the world. If you loved her for anything that she has brought to us in this life you would find a way to honor her by moving towards what is right.

Being kind shouldn’t be a chore but it is. We would rather pour vinegar on an open wound then trying to be their comfort or help them find a way to heal. To be perfectly polished in all that it is that you bring into this world would be hard. Always have an eye looking out for what is to come from behind you or maybe you don’t have to if you live your truth and light.

Sounds easy doesn’t it? Live your truth. Release your light. How can something that we are born with be the one truth that escapes us all. The bounds and limitations were placed on us for some reason. Tales and legends were passed down to us to offer up and shed to us some light. Whenever one has had a moment of release or pure enlightenment they try to share and warm us with their light but we refuse. We shun away from such glory because what we have been told and almost always shown is that when the going gets good the good simply leaves and gets going on.

We can learn so much from our beautiful Betty White. Don’t sweat the small tough and when life kick the crap out of you always remember to get back up. Women in life seem to take the biggest beating. Golden Girls taught me EVERYTHING including aging with grace and beauty and to always be authentic and truthful to yourself first. What a Goddess for all that she has done. Her love dying in the 80’s then she went off to live decades without him. Her love for animals becoming her legacy in life. That and the fact she loved her life it is evident from the life she left us with behind.

How does one honour their life with limited resources and nothing much else? You do it with a relentless fierce energy that maybe one you can understand. Why do you have to live your life to justify what it is you are feeling? I remember as a young girl walking with my Dad in a big open field and we were talking about religion. I asked him what would happen to us if we didn’t go to church and pray. He told me that all that we needed in life we could get from this farm. We have food her to sustain us and a home to shelter us from the cold we had a family to love and guide us what more could I possibly want? I wanted to be safe and have salvation I exclaimed and he told me that nobody in life can guarantee these things. It is up to us to live a life more honorable, if you have any idea what that even means.

Do unto others as you would do onto you. Do what makes your heart feel good and have the confidence to enter into any room. No that you are always good enough no matter what anybody else has to say. They can’t know that inner child inside of you so pay them no mind and don’t be too scared to go out and play. That is the evil. The energy that wants you to feel you are not good enough. You are always TOO much for somebody in life just don’t mute your own voice in order for others to be heard. Stand out because you love your own image and you love the way your hair flips or the way that it shines? It isn’t arrogant to do what feels good. It’s called being smart enough to live your life like Betty White!

Happy Birthday Miss Betty and thank you for your light. It makes my heart a little bit happier to know that you lived such a great life and with that smile too. You serve as a reminder of what one person can truly do. I love you for all that you are in this life and of course I love you even more now too. Rest in Peace Betty thank you for all that you are, we’re and always will be this smokes for you.

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