An Inadequate Existence

Our access to life and our ability to live has ever been misconstrued forever for you and me.

Confusing? Not really. Think of what it means to live. What do we all have access to that money can’t buy? What brought us all to this world before we all even opened our eyes? Who has the most to gain from this life and all these lies?

Is it just me or does life feel distorted? Out of sorts just a little if you know what it is I am trying to say. I try to look for answers from all the lives that came before us because somebody amongst all the billions must have an idea what this all means. Why have we allowed ourselves to become so numb with life and everything that it has in store.

To the masses who care the most about fame and fortune they will never find happiness in the bottom of all that. How could you? Why would you? Think about what the acquiring of one’s fortune has actually done. Greed has severed the friendships at the borders with every one wanting to get paid or get theirs and nobody wants to help. I play this game because I have to not because I want to and I will always wonder and try to get ahead.

We are told to expand our horizons and not to be scared to fly. They don’t tell you about those hunting you from below who prefer to pick you out of the skies. They pay no mind to how fast you fall or if you even survive the crash. They only come to watch you die, some people get off on that. The pain and demise of their fellow man.

The meaning of life has to be accessible to all but there is far too many bells and whistles for the true meaning to be heard. It’s more than the movies and the TV shows that entertain us you see that kind of outward distraction that poisons the mind. I mean there was always the desire to entertain and distract for as long as tales were told. How else did Kings and Queens invade and go to war. Stealing other countries artifical and proceeds of war. You know what happens to a criminal who steals from somebody else? ALL proceeds are taken and they are gone into evidence as proceeds of crime. You don’t get them back. You don’t rule another country. You don’t get to sit on top of a trillion dollar throne with the world’s people dying at your feet. A real leader would never allow their people to suffer in any possible way. That’s how I know there have only been cowards I power to lead us because in the end it is them that get ahead and have their day.

Why do people insist on distorting what it means to be human in order to enhance their existence in some way. The mundane way we are forced to move through day to day. There was a time when family values and life were so important. There wasn’t too much time for anything else. Fathers came home for dinner time and mothers didn’t always have to work. Those who chose to have a career would always ensure that their family was safe. An aging mother or mother in law would come and care for the children and house. We all worked together to get ahead until some over entitled self righteous bigot came over us and told us to live a different way. So many fought for freedom but we had already lost that war. Once all the wars were over so was the dynamics of family and everything human that comes into play.

Simple observation of the life that swells around us in all the ways that humans come out to play will begin to reveal to us what we need to know. How does life sustain itself and is it always possible for life to always find a way? Ask yourself what motivates one and keeps their passion and blood constantly flowing. Do you know? Can you feel it? The simplistic way that the morning begins to greet us with each day. Sometimes it warms and other times it is chilling and cold it is what we decide to do with our 24 hours that will come into play. Sure I am tired of keeping my head up but what is the alternative and in this life will I ever be enough?

My mind keeps telling me not to believe all these lies. To blow past all the smoke and mirrors and go forth with an honorable day. To do my best and try to reach those that hurt. To help lift those higher who have become stuck in the dirt. Times are scarey as nobody tells the truth. It is the instinct of survival it is what makes us all ruthless. To sink or swim and be the one who falls to the ground. Everybody has their head up until an *sshole comes on over and hits you back right to the ground. That is what they do as evil wants its way. To extinguish those with confidence has become the easiest way.

I am tired. Kind of more than beaten and at times I am more than confused. Life and what is accessible should have been more even don’t you think. They say don’t fear the reaper but maybe time should fear you and me. The ones who are tired of hamster wheel running and being made to believe that dreams will always be broken instead of that silver lining that was promised. I try to believe in that lining but mine has long become rainbow glitter. I would rather live a life being the most annoying then being driven into oblivion to become a mute. Shine like it is your last moment living cuz it very much could be. There are no promises of what could have been just a hope of simplicity between you and me.

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