Destined to be a Star

The more I adapt and evolve into the life that unfolds right in front of me I realize that my body is the temple. Inside of me is the most important celestial being my mind has ever known so it is up to me to honor and guide her. Protect her from the hiccups of life that will find us one day but until then I will remind myself to find warmth in Earth’s light.

I forgot how much I love to read. How else does one expand their mind? You can read for knowledge, content, enjoyment or  a combination of some or all. A distraction in time, for a moment it allows you to slip away. Into another thought process you have never had before that pushes the limits of your mind.

If we don’t try to absorb all that this existence  has in store for us wouldn’t that be the ultimate sin? Forget all the other limitations others have imposed on us and realize it is your time to begin. A begin a greater understanding of what it is to come. Death is not the punishment. It’s failing to live while youthful and alive. Sure it’s sad when one comes close to the end of their life. Just touching with the other side yet still timid and scared to cross over. When the constraints that bind you finally release and let go you will feel like you are flying. You will feel as light as air and you will move towards the light. In that realm nothing else matters there is no need for who is wrong and failing to be right.

The knowledge that was left for others to enjoy were meant to be a starting point. Look of what I have come to know in my life, go head and indulge your senses and start from there. What intrigues me the most of incarnation is wouldn’t there be a sign that we used to be alive. Photos. Look at old photos we always look for our doppelganger. We can find them. We always do. The human form doesn’t change too much all things considering the Earth is 100 billion of years old, at least. The invention of the internet makes me think of instead of evolving we are going to have to one day implode.

There is a switch that goes on when connections are made. No matter how ridiculous as long as it makes sense to you. As long as it gives you hope in some sort of way. Your life path unfolding in front of you. The identity of self comes fully known when you are fully able to understand the light. There is a reason they refer to it as light and dark. Divulge further into that spectrum and you will finally begin to see the colors that make us all possible. That color, that light, that energy is what fuels you and me. It will move us to do something righteous or hideous for all to say.

Ah there she goes she has lost her mind and has gone completely off her rocker. But have I? Is that why long ago when those who looked towards the land for healing stones and formulations they were regarded as witches and warlocks and were burned in a public firey stake! If it wasn’t making a profit for the overly pompous bigwig then it was illegal and had to be nipped in the bud, literally. We pay property taxes for roads that are never repaired, citizens that are never protected and a health care system that is crumbling all around us. That’s OK. Let’s make life hard. What would be the sense to try and live in civility.

We waste away so much life doing nothing and numbing our senses and it’s sad to see the meaning of life being slipped away. If we are celestial beings trapped in these bodies why are we so obsessed with fortification, murder and sex? I can’t move forward past this and it does send alarm bells off. If the gateway to new life happens when we engage in a little intimacy how is it we have perverted it into complete oblivion? No wonder we are having problems adapting to this life as there is no more identity when most of the world can be found on their backs. Not trying to be rude just stating the obvious. We worship the outside and left the inside alone to rot.

I just think too much and try too hard but isn’t that what it means to be alive? To become the master of your emotions, which is incredibly hard to do. The righteousness of what lays inside of you gets polluted by all the outside irritants of the world, and there are many. So many. We are so overwhelmed and confused by what is expected of us that we so often get led astray. Keeping up with the Joneses makes sense but it takes us down somebody else’s path. Light your passion. Find your way. Know your truth. Rise to live another day. So I try and keep trying no matter what others have to say. Sure it’s hard and I get distracted but I always take a deep breath and get myself back up! Don’t you? If you could? That is why I keep talking so much gibberish. Just a little word vomit this cold, Saturday morning makes me wonder how it is you are doing? Do you find peace and calm in and amongst the day or is there more chaos in every possible way? Take a deep breath and don’t forget to breath. There is peace in your own serenity that nobody could ever take away from you and nobody could ever find. Have faith in your truth and knowing who you are. One day you will be returned you were destined to be a star.

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  1. This is a really positive and uplifting blog and I am glad you wrote it. Thanks for sharing!


    1. You are very welcome ❤


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