People Are Strange

This morning I awoke to images of the convoy en route to impose their free will and wished onto another country who was seemingly paying no mind. An age old war handed down from the dawns of time. Imagine having another human for breathing cursing their existence and the fact that they are now alive. Imagine a world so insistent on controlling all the inhabitants of Earth that are living. It is humans who continue to ruin the human experience. I hate my similarities with them. They make me want to run for the hills. Like Jim said people are strange. And they are. The things we keep telling ourselves in order for us to be able to sleep at night makes us some of the most ridiculous creatures on Earth. I can’t believe all that we expose ourselves to and that hate we insist on justifying.

I am guilty of being more than wanton with my ways. My over zealous rights of self entitlement impose onto others sometimes, just a little. It’s not that I mean to. You are responsible for trying to build each other other. Maybe not just each other. Maybe focus on just you. All of a sudden, however, there is an evil being taunting on the sidelines just to see how far they can push you too. You know what is deplorable of our World leaders? Their willingness to sacrifice our children in order for them to go to war. They will make us sacrifice our lives while they sit on their 3 ply throne. Show me a man who CAN fight for their country. Lay down your life for those you claimed to love, oh you can’t because your pockets are too filled so you can’t bend over.

Individually why would we fight? We wouldn’t. Those who do are more than likely clinically insane. Is it just me or is it bizarre how our leaders can rally up troops to go to a nameless war. Oh wait. It will have a name it will be World War 3. This will be the end of life as we know it. Oh right. That has happened. It has been our last two years. Batten down the hatches matey because there is going to be a war. A battle of the ego’s and manhood how I wish we could push all this hatred to the shores.

Here it is right where we stand. We have been warned about this homecoming yet all we care about is the land. What is mine is mine and what is yours is also mine. This has been the reason why there has always been a war. We hate each other! No we don’t. We can’t live like this but we will keep on trying. When we can’t stand the living anymore as everybody around us we know keeps on dying. Matter of fact or a matter of law what I know for certain is somebody above keeps dropping the ball. The things we keep up with to keep us entertained then we are faced with chaos when it all gets taken away. Rights that is. And soon to be freedom. There is evil interwoven into the fine print. It has been worked into all the minor details. Live this life in paranoia or a tranquil isolation one will never know. I will always maintain I value my time with self more so than any body because only I can know for sure my true intent.

Whatever life is supposed to mean and what exactly we are supposed to get out of this experience it is looking a lot like we have all failed. Don’t you feel like a failure at least some times don’t you? I mean everybody is guilty of preferring the comfort of a darkened room sometimes. I also get immense comfort in being able to cry. The ability to be able to express myself with little or no shame I believe to be HUGE!! Why be around those you need to be tiptoeing around because you know how that is going to play out. It’s like the light inside of you is being set offin some way and there is nothing that is wrong with forces not combining. We weren’t born to exist for anybody specific except for ourselves. I guess that is why I am so alarmed at how many insist on knocking on deaths door. Stop tempting fate and spitting in life’s eyes. There is more to just living to be enslaved to build another’s empire. Ya sure what they were building before were temples to the God’s. A place of eternal rest and salvation untill our own ego’s began to pollute our own minds and insisted on going to war. Forever at odds ends instead of finding peace of mind. We are no longer moving ahead but as humans we are falling behind. We stopped wanting to evolve because we had nobody to trust our children no longer have an identity and I fear for infertility running rampant like an infection.

Why is there the need for war if we are all so G*d d*MN smart. For real though. How is it we put a value on any being? The only set of measuring we have is monetary at best. Level it off and start from scratch. The cards were never even for all the decks were always stacked. Did those who lost their land before ever get it back? You know what the h*ll I am talking about this ignorance is no longer excusable. Those who rule from high above us know what I am talking about. The ones with the strings who do all the tugging before they let us all go crashing to the ground. They love keeping us bottomed out desperate to catch a feeling we will settle for whatever is infecting the masses including the common cold.

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