Loving Your Potential

Could it be that love is the most primitive of emotions that only when we become a master of it, then we can finally feel free?

Think of it. Anytime you have been at your lowest and just barely hanging on it’s the absence of love that is the reason we go insane.  Somebody doesn’t love us back or somebody doesn’t feel the same. What is wrong with us to limit ourselves in this way. To value ourselves on this one single emotion can drive anybody insane. Will we ever be good enough? Will we ever be sane? Those thoughts shouldn’t matter that much but they do and they will until we become the master of our own game.

Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS) and make it become a part of everything you do. Don’t over think your emotion. Honor it and life as you know it will never be the same. Take the simplistic approach that is needed to allow ourselves to appreciate each day. What can I do in this moment to make the day count or will I allow it to waste away? So I look to a life more simple. That fills my heart with joy. What is it I can do in this moment that nobody else in this existence can ever take away.

I like to read for knowledge not to be lied to and entertained. I am sure there are some literary works that provide some sort of entertained but I have already wasted so much time to want to get played. I am fully aware that I may never find the “traditional” meaning of life. But what if I can help define mine. To fully understand what it is that we might be possibly doing here we have to try and understand the source that gave us life. We are organically tied to our beginnings. We can’t deny the source that gave us life. I think that is why life continues to get so complicated. We have no direction or concept of self.

Take a more simplistic approach to life and try to refrain from making it even more complicated. You might actually like who you become. Well not who you become but let loose who you already are. There is no sense in continue to pollute the beauty that is already you. But we will and some of us are so toxic that the poison will over come us and choke us unconscious from the fumes. The filth spewed by one becomes another’s treasure and they will hold onto it so strong like a fool clutching his gold. You know the type. Constantly out of focus but blinding any who stop to look.

So love. The things we all it to do to us as webecome so desperate to control it. Desperate to feel it even for just one last second in time. Waiting and watching for somebody to take their last breath their should be some romance in knowing they lived a life so fulfilled. Death is so painful for those that are left behind but for those trapped inside withered away bodies it becomes their hell they have never wanted to know. Remember when they were at their happiest when they would exclaim to those in their presence who would listen. If ever I was that old please shoot me. I don’t want to live a life no longer were my mind is no longer able. You know what I mean because we all think it. When the joy is missing from all of our lives we all long to escape it.

Watching somebody turn to dust before your eyes is the most painful experience. You want to do anything to take the edge off but thar capability escapes you. I feel sick but I shouldn’t because this is the reality of life. When you no longer have passion to stay alive you simply cease living. When the fight escapes the body how much time do we have left. All energy longs to return back to its origin when the body that hosts them begins to deteriorate. These facts makes me want to absorb all that I can. To embrace those around me that are incredible and shun away all those that appear evil.

Evil lives in the heart of modern man. You can see it in the curl of their smile and the daggers that leaves from out their eyes. I have never stared into the eyes of evil. Not in any sort of memorable way. Not that I can remember however so what does that have to say? Say about me or those involved one thing I know for sure I am tired of fighting for the cause. An unknown entity or specific way of being. I will keep on trying till I win, I hope, unless of course I am dying. No regrets in life at least that is what I hope. Life may not make sense for many but I think it’s all in how you define it.

Love is an easy emotion, however, as every being responds to it. When given the option to move away it seems we will always gravitate and all ourselves to be pulled towards. Traditionally energy has been male or female now there has been a pull towards the unidentified.  If too many identify themselves in that way what could that possibly mean? Will love become obsolete as well or too incestuous with misguided desire. The world is a misplaced entity at times and I even forget the role I play in it. There is so much going on at times and in some ways not enough. Not when you consider this is the best idea we will ever know and have the chance to become all that we can be. To stand for something or sit for nothing and have no care in the world is entirely up to you. It is your life to live in the moment what do I care if you live up to your own potential instead of doing what it is that I do.

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