Authentically By One

What makes life incredulous that once we get to the end of our lives it is the biggest travesty that has ever been. You know what I mean. You can have the most beautiful life but when you get to the end of it everything you have ever done becomes mute. Like it never even existed now how is one supposed to feel about that?

When we are young we don’t want age but then there is a period that we are thankful for when we do. Sure we like to convince ourselves we want to leave behind a beautiful corpse but at the end of the day I  not convinced that we do. We want to live forever till our bodies begin to fail and without even trying we break the hearts of those around us and even break our own hearts too. Aging usn’t beautiful for everyone and it will destroy even the strongest soul. Waiting for the one you love move on but never quite ready to let them go.

There was a time when being old meant you were wise. People would come from all over to meet with the oldest being of the world. There is something to be said for that. Instead of searching for information through historical material you can talk to a being who witnessed it instead. Maybe they never witnessed it directly but their mom was told by their mom and etc etc and why would I mother ever lie? Tales of time were meant to enlighten the mind so the task at hand didn’t seem so daunting and grey.

So now we need to ask ourselves what makes this life great. The moments that make us beam with pride and the moments others could never take away. That is why I have out a limit on my direct inner circle. I don’t need no mass explosions happening to my peace of mind and inner physche. Some don’t get it but the best part is there are some that do and those people in life is what makes life worth living and when you find them you will know what to do.

They will light up the night when all else seems so dark and their story will tug at your heart strings. It’s no better or worse then the one of your own but you appreciate and are compassionate to their timeline. Their true authenticity will shine a light towards all the good that is in the world and they will help heal all the broken pieces deep inside of you. I have come in contact with several of these beings and I am so thankful for their presence in this world. I think that is why I have been crying everyday and why my heart hurt so much but the truth is it is the relief moving through me.

I want to get my fill of all that is life and marinade in the merriment of the world. There is good that comes when you learn to exhale instead of holding all that foul air in. Not everyone you cross paths is meant for you and that should be more than OK. Remember you can’t force a square into a circle so why not learn to accept all the things you can not change. It’s easy to worry and sweat about the smallest stuff but the reality is when time is coming for the life you are searching for never quite feels like enough. People change. Circumstances more so but if you can’t disrupt the inevitable why work up an ulcer over it. We can’t change what the wind carries only misinterpret the whispers and in the end there is nothing to gain out of that.

Live in the moment and dress for the day and as your cup run overth it’s don’t forget to share and to play. Easier said then done right? Maybe. But practice the positive and begin to live it more everyday. You either don’t or you do but if you don’t you will regret it. The unsuccessful always do. What if I tried a little bit more and believed in my own success. Somebody has to succeed why can’t it be me. To get in tune with my surroundings and feel that eternal pulse of my life vein it is the breath of fresh air my soul and being have always asked for. I know it sounds cliche but when you know you know. When your soul is ablaze your whole core feels like new.

There we go as you have it or more like as you have always wanted it to be. To transform your life before you lose your last chance. I know what the other side looks like so I know a little about the talk. That insightful way that some say how do you do? No words to be exchanged. Just a smile. Maybe of the eyes too. I do enjoy human contact from time to time. What is one to do? From time to time and only the humans I can trust. The ones who haven’t tried to pervert the human experience and make me feel like I am living in a shoe. Maybe not a shoe but I like to feel like I belong but then I get confused. Do I want to belong in a world that makes no sense? Or do I want to be an enigma that is perfectly me. That can light up the night and hold out a hand. I would rather be a friend to one than many. What do you think? do you want to be loved by many or authentically by one?

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