Rise from the Ashes

A feeling that we let overwhelm us is when another being rejects us. That rejection rocks us to the core. Further to that is the audacity that some  have when they choose to dislike you but expect you to continue adoring them like their roses don’t stink. Truth be told they never intended to grow roses it is the priceless and thorns that excite them. What I detest more than anything and it speaks VOLUMES for their character. The ones who unfollow you but keep you around. Barfarama!! Truly gross! If you are going to unfollow me PLEASE REMOVE MYSELF FROM FOLLOWING YOU!! In what Universe should someone stick around somebody they don’t like? Rip off the bandaid and show yourself out and YES PLEASE let the door hit you on the way out.

Yes I have one of those unfollower apps and you should too. You need to see who is fake in your world them limit or block them so they know. These people have just become jealous of your life but they still want to keep you around. They know one day you will be successful so they keep the relationship one sided just in case they were right. Be gone trash the only thing I worry about is your children. The only thing that matters equally to my life is that of my family because that is our source of energy to keep us grounded and alive. Who has time for these games when true intentions are revealed. Why give a being another chance after another when their true intentions were revealed.

Now ask yourself what do you value most in this life then cut it all back. If you weren’t living truthfully nothing that matters would ever exist. A sound mind and body cemented in its own truth stands only for those things life can never take away. Do you feel bad for the evils and the horrors of the world or are you one of those to piss on the Unknown Soldiers Grave. Lines are crossed when you take this approach. One person’s life should not be regarded as so insignificant that you desecrate their grave. I don’t know what it means to be human but you and me will never be the same! An eye for an eye? Somebody should knock out your teeth. Respect is earned and not given but I suppose you have no idea what that means.

So now not only do I have to identify as human but I have to admit I am Canadian too. 91 Indigenous children were found in Williams Lake the same week these tyrants rushed our parliament. My heart is thinking how is it we keep shifting the blame and accountability. How is it we are so content in destroying other people’s life legacies with one foot in the grave trying to cram those we don’t know into a life so insignificant. How would you feel? But what do I know? Just a casual observation and 42 years of pain and sorrow.

I don’t reward bad behavior with the kicker being we can’t be friends. That is where the true punishment comes the share of energy that has come to an end. Why dilute your own sanity and self worth by surrounding yourself with somebody less than favorable? If they are spewing filth of hurt and hate don’t you think that they will one day turn on you too? I don’t hesitate. When those can so easily fail to relate to the mistakes that make us human of course it is safe to assume one can be annoyed. Why be annoyed when you can be oblivious and the best part is you will probably be happier too.

To allow some other being to be the summary of all your feelings can be very, very dangerous. Those that refrain from investing in you but show up for alterior motives will always keep their master plan in sight. It’s not wrong but it can be perceived as being devious when it causes one to lose sleep in the night. The cunning smile of friends who pretend to be will always only be naseauting at best. Don’t get me wrong I can see how it can be overwhelming but it’s those moments of intense feelings that are always most dangerous. There’s a reason they call it level headed but all bets are off when emotions come a knocking you best be running for the hills.

A tisket a tasket there’s plenty of lunatics for every basket. Those who interject an opinion like they have something intelligent to say always come off as being the fool in the end. I am who I am and never change that fact. I don’t care about getting dirty there is soap and water for that. I can see who plays nice and who just wants a second chance. Then there are those who stay around to be relevant and I can no longer handle that. I see who is worthy and I see who is fake. I just wonder how long the rest of the world will take. Waiting around for the inevitable yet we are too scared to smile. The best keep on keeping on and the mediocre just collect dust and groan.

I tried to dabble a little in those I thought could be entertaining but all they cried about was dribble and it was to lame to amount to anything. There are those to easily accepted of the mundane. I would rather be like a Phoenix rising high out of the flames. If they only knew but what if they did? Ot wouldn’t change the heart I have or all the things I believed and said. My feet have always stayed grounded on the floor. I couldn’t stop myself from trying and keep on wanting more. I want my life to matter at the very least to myself.

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