The Cover of Evil

You need to cut the ties that bond you and lay lye in the wake because once it is all over you are going to wish that there was a little give and take.

What the heck is that supposed to mean and where does that thought even begin? It begins because there are so many shady *ss mother f*ckers around us while the decent beings are just struggling to catch a break. I watched “Evil Lives Here” this morning while my family slept. The story was about a brother who was arrested for murdering a 17 year old then confessed to his sister where the murder weapon was. Empowered with that information she was scared what to do. She went to the location that he spoke of and just as she was about to leave she saw a pack of his cigarettes and underneath was a box cutter covered in red hair and blood.

Could you imagine being put in this position? In the 90’s none the less. The brother called her at her mom’s to confirm that she found it and he felt relieved with the knowledge that she was going to destroy evidence. But she didn’t. Ignoring her mother’s furry she took the incriminating piece of evidence to the police station and sealed her brother’s fate. Her brother’s lawyer and mother told her that she was responsible for the death of her brother. In fact she was but in essence she wasn’t and in watching this documentary this women made me believe that there is still good in this world.

Her brother always put her in these positions where she thought maybe just maybe he would one day snap. In fact he did snap 11 years prior where he violently raped 2 girls. Claimed it was consensual in classic he said she said bullsh*t served his time and went on to commit a more devious crime. And I mean it only took months and he used a box cutter to do the crime. You can see the disgust and remorse in his sister’s face and that is what made her decision easy. Consider your loved one being raped and murdered. Don’t you want justice? Don’t you want that sick b*stard to pay? A 17 year old lost her future at the hands of a depraved individual that was thought to be rehabilitated and went on to do something worse. Somebody should be held accountable beyond that lethal injection. I am thankful for the strength of his sister who in the end was cut off by her whole family.

Having a family doesn’t make us human. In fact how many monsters annihilate their family to get off and continue on playing the game. Evil is as evil does and we have been conditioned to wave away the signs. TRUST ME!! Bad people don’t just get bad. They work hard at it every day and night. They are void of any compassion and don’t have a kind bone in their body to save their life. I was made mean out of circumstances there is only so much violence one being can take. People don’t get it. I have seen what people are capable of. I have helped those on the other side of the law with mediocre crimes that would never hurt anybody but I was in reaching distance of those that could and did.

The biggest heartbreak is watching what friends are capable and willing to do to each other. I witnessed a set up that I can only assume ended with cement boots and a watery grave. Even when they came back to where we were hanging to have a drink I couldn’t look at the pictures they were passing around. How do you go laughing with a friend to beating him so bad he pops out an eye. Right then and there I knew I was in a dangerous situation but when you feel like the world’s biggest loser you tend to not care. Everybody that I had known growing up had turn their back on me and all I wanted to do was live and survive. Sure I wanted to be happy but how could I? Nobody prepares you for being 30 years old and homeless but there I was. Pounding pavement just to try and find enough money to food in my belly. Thank goodness on Sundays cheeseburgers were only .69 cents. If you don’t know that life it is the hardest life. You never know who is going to wake with the morning light. We had certain “friends” that were always good for a laugh and a sale but other than that it was just me and my hard up ex convict boyfriend who I am pretty sure at this point has gone back to jail.

So now this women who sacrificed her whole family circle to do what is right taught me one thing, being human is being able to do what is right for the greater good instead of protecting one evil being. We all don’t have to get along and like each other but we don’t have to be somebody who is prepared to do a cover up for one monster. At the time I felt I had no choice. In essence I never did. I always insisted on being kept out of the information circle. My heart would not be able to cover up so mean. Those people are no longer in my life and maybe I am too quick to judge. The thought is not everybody is meant for everybody so I will just gravitate towards those that fuel my soul. Not every does and not everybody will. Family will feel like strangers and when that happens you will think you failed. You don’t have to be around those just because you share the same proverbial blood. Be around those that lift you up the highest and want to see you succeed in life than continuously fail.

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