No Excuses No more

We have to relinquish control of own existence and whole heartedly accept the things we may never be able to change. Instead of working tirelessly and saving up a small fortune to fix your nose, your boobs your hips; why not take that money and invest in a trip of a lifetime and try to change your superficial reflection of yourself? So I study life in its entirety to enamoured by all that is possible instead of focusing on the evil that is inside every room. The bad energy needs to be present and it will linger. Absorbing into the souls that will let them, most having no say.

We are still granted the same 24 hours no matter how fast those hours seem to fly by. Imagine an existence with no technology where it was up to us to entertain ourselves and make sure that our families had food. We couldn’t just run to a food bank if there was a bad crop that season the most we can hope for is the kindness of our neighbours and maybe strangers. How would strangers find us in those times, with so much trees and forest nobody was too sure of where they would end up or go. So I would banish those from my existence that got off on being unkind. Who has time to surround themselves with those that would rather see each other fail than become a master of their own worlds. There is so much to be said for those who would rather light up another’s existence instead of extinquishing there fire. We all are just a miniscule spec, you can’t change who we are in comparison to the Earth. So you have to be kind and tread lightly on those who no longer have a voice or can use their feet. Man has become this tyrannical coward as they try to manipulate those they don’t even understand or even have the time to come out and see.

So what do you do with your 24 hours I can tell you what I do with mine. Right now my number one focus is my son as I put my desires on a back burner to the rest of the world. Not that it matters but it sure does help. In my eyes I am a single mom why waste my breath trying to get anybody else to see anything else. The things I like to do probably mean nothing to nobody but they mean something to me and it fills with me with life and at times it makes my existence just a little bit easier to breath. In my world there are no lies, just surrounded by truth and if I have to do what I desire to do with my sons eyes closed than that is exactly just what I will do. As parents neither one of us have a regular 9 to 5 which means you think we can provide our own family with more balance but my sweet boy should never have to cry or beg for anybody to notice him and especially when he is bored and has nobody to play ith. Times are tough and sickness makes it worse. All we do is worry about our immuno compromised making it a little slice of Hell right here on Earth. What I like to do in the day only has value to me. I like to read and blog accordingly, I mean how else do I share these thoughts brewing inside of me head?

I am tired of being called lazy when all I do is ask for help. My husband is on the final back burner of my acceptance and I have to wave him away to be happy. I have to be strong in my conviction of self and pay him no mind. I mean I would stop doing my Daily Beauty You Tube videos but my skin has truly never looked more radiant or felt as soft as it has right now. Financially my husband is there but I need emotional support. I am still looking for “THAT” partner in life but I am sure they are on there way somewhere, there was after all a pandemic. Somebody once told me to know my own value and hold on to that tight. That led to me cutting them off from my existence because of how they perceived and valued themselves. I am surrounded by life in every which way. 9 cats, 3 dogs, 5 budgies, a chinchilla and 4 hermit crabs. I know 4!!! We got an 80ish gallon tank for just one and wouldn’t you believe they prefer living in colonies among friends. So do I boo boo and wouldn’t you know it my biggest worry was the three new guys wouldn’t be so accepting of my Mr Krabs. Don’t worry your pretty little heads too much I saw Mr Krabs sleeping beside two new friends!! This is life and this is what makes me want to be accountable in mine. There is so much still out there to experience and the knowledge we can amount is infinite if only we can open up our hearts and take time to peek inside our brains.

Everything we have been brainwashed to know I can tell you actually makes no sense. Anything that comes alive is capable of experience emotions you can see it when their eyes light up and they begin to play. You can see it in the way they all blissfully fall asleep. Comfortable in their own lifeline they can finally relax and enjoy they life that was given to him. It is only the unevolved man that sees life forms in any other way. Entities to be destroyed and waned like we are the only ones entitled to this existence in all it’s bountiful treasures and life forms. I don’t play games no more because life is too precious. I only want to be the reason why another smiles, no more excuses in this life to be unhappy.

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