Life Revolutionized

With my curiosity fully peaked I find myself fully fascinated with what it means to come alive. To be fully versed in all that is positive in the world instead of being pickled to believe all the tales that have been handed down. Like if we hate so much the colonizes in power way back when why do we hold so tight to their archaic laws? If we truly believe what was done to such a free loving nation was done out of spite and to control the resources of the land enough to destroy their monuments and statues wouldn’t that mean we shouldn’t trust the laws they handed down? What was passed down through those generations was a a layer of self righteous filth that changed what it meant to be alive and a part of world that was so abundant and clean. EVERYTHING we ever needed was granted to us. Nobody was supposed to live above another but than we wouldn’t have the rich and we certainly wouldn’t have the poor. NOBODY came out of the womb with a crown on their head until all of a sudden that was all one ever wanted. Why and why decided we needed such a distinction of class and in fact doesn’t that make one classless who doesn’t honor life in an equal way? My stomach goes in knots just thinking of what men have done. We chased species out of the chain of evolution and it disgusts me that we are more than ok with keep on keeping on this way. BARF!!

What choice did I have but to banish all sorts of traditional schooling that I have been taught. My teachers are the ones who taught me about being racist when they were determined to keep lingo like savages in the mainstream. I am horrified in my part I made a video where I called our Indigenous communities as such. Savages was the identifier they will take your whole scalp and not just your hair. We were brainwashed to believe we were meant to be kept separate because growing up back than we still believed we were no different. Now thinking about where we find ourselves these days its no wonder we were all born to be crazy and indifferent. It’s so much more than just a lack of cultural identity. Children are struggling with knowing who they are and their parents are too exhausted from working and fighting to know that they have been hustled. Not by their children but by the whole social structure too. There’s a new sitcom on about hating your children and I just can’t wrap my head around thinking that way. I am a mom and I am so proud to say that. I could have been dead and through all this mental turmoil and exhaustion I am so thankful for everyday I get to hold my lil bean. When he lets me. And these days we are getting better. Every opportunity he asks to play with me I do as I try to dive in deeper into his world. Through my deeper understand I am at such a pivotal role in his mind. I can teach him how to be social and kind and I can try to get him to learn to see the world through more socially accepted eyes. There is nothing wrong with him just some social cues are traditionally “accepted”. Like the need to go zero to 110 is not how everybody’s mind works but it is how his is. What I need to help him with his productive speed bumps to derail him so maybe he is not so quick to anger. It is working but it is a very hand’s on approach. I still wouldn’t change it for anything I am still very thankful for this time we have together and that we are alive.

I watched the news about rising prices in basic commodities and how families are having to look at lower grade food options in order to feed their families. How is that an option that is so readily encouraged blaming the convoy like it wasn’t already something that was already happening. Sure it wasn’t like this but it was already on the rise. Lower grade food options have always been the food highlight because so many of the options are filled with low grade preservatives and chemicals. All of it keeps us plasticized and dependent on it to some degree. It’s toxic. It’s man made. It is harmful and it kills. Imagine that. Anything the mind conceives their is a domineering male of some sort waiting to tare it apart at the seems. Here is a tidbit of information for you. Mushrooms are said to be the lifeline of Earth as their is a threadlike substance that connects the whole ecosystem to the underworld. This hair like line connects every tree, every lichen, every moss, every little tiny living being and even helps break down the dirt. How magical isn’t it? Decipted to us in Hollywood movies. I mean I heard this story told to me when all the creatures of the kingdom were blue. What did man do with that tree of life? They destroyed it. Their are some mushrooms in the world that man will never be privy to recreate. Their environment too gentle and too precarious to it’s environment to be superficially replicated by anybody else here on Earth yet they want to give their life to heal us and to me that should be treasured. Don’t you think? But we are unable to do so freely we are to poisoned and polluted to even give ourselves to our own will and free mind.

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