Sh*t or Get Off the Pot

This morning my husband woke me up at 3 am with the news that Russia has finally evaded Ukraine. The start of the third world war was imminent. At least we now know what all this fighting has finally been for. The Battle Royale is this. We are all so angry that this man finally pulled his trigger and tried to reclaim his land back that was already his countries. Yes get mad about what I just said but you are missing the point. This man is working in the best interest of HIS country. We are just jealous and spiteful that our own leaders won’t do the same.

I just said to my husband the safest place to be is Russia. He laughed. In my mind if you wanted to eliminate the evil that has always been controlling you wouldn’t it be those who fleed originially to escape the hands of war. Get mad at me again that’s ok. There is a chance we may be nuked to the high Heavens soon so I think I may just sit back and finally have my say. What were we expecting when we let a pedophile rise up to power. I am sorry to the Biden lovers of our generation but excuse me what the hell was that trial for Gisele Maxwell even for? Speaking from surviving a grotesque sexual attack by 3 men in Downtown Vancouver I will say this. It is not the friend I went there that night that keeps me up at night. It is the man who breathed his stank air on my neck as he tried to sever my jugular with his teeth. His face is who I see at the end of every day. Sure the stories are not EXACT but in my mind it is society that has made it that way. To serve a woman that time without a man getting his shows us what is wrong with society and I am thankful it is about to give.

Now move onwards to CAnada and what do you see. An obnoxious bunch of morons as far as the eye can see. I mean we are still the same bunch of pedophiles just pushing around dirt. We are showing to the whole world just how multi cultural we are and I wouldn’t be surprised if we get taken right off of the the Earth. If you have to go with what is being served up to the mainstream media to see what the rest of the world thinks. How can one decipher through all of this bullsh*t when it is chaos as far as the eye can see. There is so much turmoil every which way so am I surprised Russian invaded, hmmm no not really and not especially today. There is so much whining and zero accountability and there is a man with the balls to try and change the world for the better well I sure hope that is what he is trying to do. To threaten to nuke other countries if they try to intervene and help. Ask yourself who is this man of evil and is he alright or has he been laying in the shadows watching us from afar every night?

What would you do if millions of people were n danger and needed a helping hand? You watch how ravenous beings are with their intentions and finally having enough you decide to rise and try to have a say. Most of us don’t have a choice to think this way. We have been conditioned to make ourselves small getting louder only to wag our fingers and beetle away. Ahhh those people when they finally decide to show up. What was the point of your final last call when all you have to do is close the door and shut off the light. This is a bold threat to kill over half of the world. I sure hope you know what you are fighting for to kill innocent of people this way. It can be done we have watched this mania unfold right before our eyes. It happened so readily as the rest of the world had fallen it was the evil inside of us that decided to rise. There is only so long we can distort our own thinking before we begin to go insane. Sometimes there is no more fight left in the fighting ones and when that day happens there just maybe nothing left to say so life your life. Life your life like you can never fail because now the reality is we may never now. There is a chance we may never know of a future because of another’s twisted will and say. And that is a fact. You can bring that to the bank and cash it like it’s going out of style because it is and you are and there is nothing you can do about that except take a seat and buckle yourself in. Unless of course you want to do something different and dare to stand out. Nobody ever talks about the one who time forgot about. And there are many. There will be billion upon billions before this Universe implodes and is done.

Now I reflect back and have to bow my head over the friends and family that are no longer here with me by my side. I can’t feel sad about that because that is what we are here for. We are meant to be separated into an existence we are unsure of but we can’t stop the fact that we are going there too, right? You have to bend your mind in the most painful way in order for it to make sense. There is no way we would be forced to be with an energy that is not ours so what is that supposed to mean? If there is a riff among family members where does the one standing on the outside go? Or does that deem or chance here on Earth a failure when you have nowhere else to go. Where do you go when you shun everybody else away? Your time is coming closer now but you stand alone but in the end at least you had your say. Or did you? Did you forget to speak up? It’s a twisted world we live in constantly wondering if we should rise in honor or just sit quiet and shut the f*ck up.

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