Green With Envy

The thing about envy is if let untreated it becomes a slow festering jealous rage. You begin to loathe everything about the person you loved originally and you no happiness in between you can ever be seen again. Put more simply, when somebody that you cared so deeply about becomes somebody you don’t even remember knowing. Will you don’t want to admit to yourself anymore that you do because they get on your nerves and by they I mean I and I see who you become I love that you seem to think you are better off without me. I use that feeling to fuel my next segment in this journey leaving you far enough behind in my dust that I never will look back. And at you especially. GAG! Once you step out of my life I put you on ignore and once you are there are on restricted access and no more. Never again will a conversation ever happen between us again. Not ever in this lifetime and I am praying never in the next. I will make my promise to myself never to let such an evil in. That is what happens when those who once claim to know me find themselves led out to pastures that are no longer green. Reap what you sow and I will pay you no more respect. I will use your jealousy to fuel me like a spell or curse weaved only to tell. Tell the story of the betrayed to get everybody to fall and love and eventually adore. I don’t need to be seen with serpents who slither when I was born to fly in the clouds among the angels who spread their wings and soar.

Every use somebody else’s hate to fuel you into another reality that you never dreamed possible? I also dreamed of the 1950’s housewife but how does one even get there now a days. We have been so conditioned to work around the clock and we divide families and friends and become more than enemies because of this. We are worked till exhaustion showing loyalty only to our right hand. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you or pleasures you because aren’t those two in fact one and the same? I just want to make a difference in so many lives that the ones who are offended by me no longer matter. I have taken an eternal look of what life means and all things that spin from being inside of it. Just a reflection of life and a beautiful moment in time. Made even more electrifying by those we allow close to us so we begin to build up fortresses to protect those we deem worthy enough to be inside. Until the walls become too high and there is no movement in or out. Then all go crazy who you were trying to protect so there is no good to come of that either. I digress I suppose into another realm of possibility. All I want is for those around me to be happy and I can prove that is brings us closer to what the meaning of life could possibility be.

Everything we have come to know has only clown up in the last 100 or so years. Imagine what life would be like 200 years ago and how life would be so much more meaningful. Of course we are going to implode on ourselves and it starts with technology and so be it another revolution. Except this one right now will be chemical and what does that mean for ALL life in this planet as we know it. Sure hate on the humans that live there because they do sh*tty things. Set of an a bomb to kill them kills other species that we may never get back if you do so. What if the cure for cancer lies in that forest you just blew off into orbit. Maybe the problem came when we made our borders so small and we tried to dictate what other countries should be able to do within them. Like a teenager sick of having their parents nose in their business that is what it would feel like to some countries. How can you dictate to us what is normal when we have been doing this for thousands upon thousands of years. Nothing has changed but are sensitivity has. Now I ask you who is at fault for that and I think you will find that the answer is actually VERY obvious. Well who do you think is at fault and what do you think is going on here. What seems to have gone on at some point is an actual fracture that I think in some ways got misinterpreted.

Let’s ask ourselves why was there this desire to escape their home country to invade another land that was already populated. It was never done before so why now or is that just the way that evolution was pointing towards? Is there a right or wrong answer when we get a kick at the can? Is there a big factory reset and then we all just look forward to begin again until we get it right? Over and over again I think I am going to be sick. You think it would be easy to play nice and want to be nice and what was all that BS about being kind and loving thy neighbours. I get hating humans but what about all the fuzzy pets? and the bird and the bees and the bears and beavers? Everything must go because my penis tells me so!! Ball drop! I ain’t trying to be rude but OMG Warren G!! C’mon can’t we all just talk about it? I know you have already told us but let’s sit down and have a cup of tea. All I am saying everything has a side story and not everything is as it seems. Somebody way back when might of done something and it might make sense to just rectify it.

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