Flat On Our Backs

What I love about being human is we have a whole world of opportunities right in front of us, if we chose to do something with them, but for most of us we prefer to watch the world pass us by while we are flat on our back and more than willingly allow ourselves to become somebody’s prey. I am all for being empowered and living our best lives but shouldn’t we exercise a little decorum and modern decency? Nor am I coming down on knocking boots but it too has it’s place. How can we evolve into a species that is worthy of more if we can’t get out of our bedroom and stop collecting notches on our bed post. It’s easy to do because it is fun after all and if engaged in the way it was supposed to be it can be stress free after all. But not in the capacity that has flooded the mainstream. We sell our bodies to the highest bidder but I am wondering if as humans we are worthy of something more? We have to do what we have to do to make it in this rich man’s world and I am more than determined to break away from this mold.

Sex sells and when it is something we can’t afford then we take it almost too willingly against another’s free will. That is how much weight getting your rocks off has and how so many people will hurt somebody who is innocent to get their evil fill. We have to live more discreetly in this online world in order to protect our children from falling into this hole. We can’t keep over populating Earth because we are running out of room. Maybe it is time we take to getting outside and leaving our room. Whatever keeps us entrapped there will only makes us rot. Trust me when I say this there is no good from a wanton addiction. We will age and our bones will get brittle. There will be no need for sexual acrobatics once you get that far over the hill. And when you have aged that far do you even want to?The joy of life begin to slip away so here’s to hoping you didn’t waste your time away. Some do. Living another man’s dream. Robbing Peter to pay Paul until the very final curtain call. They tell you to wait till the fat lady sings but they failed to tell you that she doesn’t sing no more because of the constant ridicule and fall from grace. We all fall don’t we. Become a former shell of who we used to be. That is what makes the race that more important. We have no idea when the end is coming and when it will fall for all to hear.

Isn’t it incredible in a world where we are free to choose our destiny we follow along and do what everybody else is already doing. Too scared to spread our wings and fly we become a version of ourselves that we don’t even recognize or in worst case scenarios we begin to hate. Imagine living your whole life in another beings shadows only to find out they hated you being their at some point along the way. Then what? Where do you go when those that you felt like you could trust turn their backs on you and worse yet they encourage other people to shun you and walk away. That is when becoming your own best friend is extremely beneficial. To enjoy your own company then those you used to surround yourself with. This will become important later on. Why waste away your day with those that get on your nerves when you can learn what this existence is about and the life that it serves. Everything that we find stimulating as been sent out to distract us. To make it impossible to do what we were sent to Earth to do. Do you have a deeper understanding of self or what to do with it? Or maybe a deeper realization why certain events in your timeline aren’t always as they seem. They need to teach us something in order to pass those teaching on. We can’t teach anybody nothing if what we are content on doing is bouncing on some bed springs. Yes it is fun but no that is not all there is. Sex is what is being used to distract us and if you open your eyes you will begin to see it that way too. Maybe yes. Maybe not. What do you have to lose but I more deeper understanding of self and all the weird things we keep on thinking. The things that make us believe we are a more entitled being that leads us to being spiteful no matter the cost or how mean at the time it seems. I maybe wrong but what if I am right. Will you be hating yourself then in the shadows knowing that you could have always came along. Well not today and of course not tomorrow. Your too busy getting famous for all the things that move you and like me you don’t care what day it is. I just want to move you to feel anything else than carnal pleasure. I mean it has its time and it’s place in all of our lives who am I to deny what feels good?

We each have to live our lives in a certain way that lights a fire in ourselves and gives us the strength to live another day. Getting off, getting it in. It’s an instinct that drives us. Some hate when I talk about my libido but after being touched by somebody my soul recognized I can see no point in indulging my senses with anybody further or even deeper. I will move towards an existence that feels good to me all the time. I will set the night sky ablaze with the fuel from my soul and feel at peace with knowing that lying flat on our backs will never save us but moving to an existence that will forever recognize me is.

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