Keep On Walking On

The hypocrites of the world cast a shadow among many trying to infect the world with their insecure mind. You can tell who they are when you come across them as they puff their chest out when you get near. There are so many who claim to be perfect in their best image even though they are a fraction of the being they were meant to be.

7 billion people in the world and not many of us can get along. You think it could be easy. Tread lightly. Be respectful of others. Help build each other up instead of ripping each other down. Wouldn’t it be easier to get along then to continue to get under each other’s skin? You would think but we are not so lucky or even entitled. Some days it’s just best to walk away and hope for a better day.

There is so much to be thankful for and yes that includes even lifting each other up. Just because others don’t see the value in other beings doesn’t mean you have to play by the same rules too. Not by their rules because it is very one sided. The ones who secretly wished for your demise as they snicker underneath their breath and watched you cry. They love the tears. It cures their drought. Bringing some moisture to the atmosphere in the hopes of a more fruitful year.

Live Your life accordingly to all the things you love and do. Know your worth and righteous entitlement and don’t be fooled by the wolves who hid in sheep’s clothing in every room. They are easy to spot made clearer by the silver tipped words that always happen to leave their mouths. Life is hard without the company of fake friends. Speak your truth and do so religiously. Don’t be scared to say whats inside you no matter who you think is listening and whether or not they will approve.

The life I live I do so and those I let close to me I expect some sort of reciprocity. Some loyalty and a little bit of respect. Don’t you want to be able to trust those when your back is turned instead of wondering if it’s your time to feel the open wound. I have witnessed so many just selling out their friends. The things I heard when some people’s backs are turn are just absolutely crazy town and down right mean. Life is hard for many these days and our neighbour’s sure don’t make it easier. I wish people were who they say they were instead of trying to fool every Tom, Sick and Mary.

Some things I am made to witness just make me tired and make my blood run cold. Why is this the hand of cards I have been dealt and does it get any better or am I stuck in this whirlwind my whole life? This crazed existence that questions my insanity and makes me wonder will I come out of this ok. I started cutting people off. What’s the point in giving somebody round a bout access. I mean we weren’t supposed to live on top of each other like we do but we have to cuz there is no space. Look at the population boom and all the things we keep doing to the human race.

So I will be fierce and I will be a force and I will continue to shine and you best believe I will put on my 5 inch bunny slippers one foot at a time. When I was sleeping on my basement floor when I had nothing to offer I still got ip everyday thirsting for me. People hated me then with nothing so of course they hate me now. All the cruel words said and times I was left out I remained focused and I didn’t carry on or about. Why waste time with the precious energy that we all have? All we have is this moment and this time to make what we are searching for come to life. Let this who want to leave off the hook with no excuses or opportunities to come back. Why leave the door open indefinitely when there is so much more to focus your attention on and a giant world to explode.

Tonight my son was very agitated as he struggled to settle down for the night. There is a fear that comes with a being so little as I try to understand what is going on inside that little mind. Every tear breaks me as his Dad tries to comfort him. Ever try to.understand a bring who is incapable of understanding their own existence then you might understand just how delusional this life truly seems. Too many people too consumed with thoughts that they never should be having. Too many broken families and half kids brought onto the world. Not that it matters or changes their existence. It just begins to slowly dilute the self worth of every being. The constant comparisons of who is right and who has more things. Like we can take it all with us like we are privy to bring anything. Focus on the attitude and feelings you can change without annoying too many people. What annoyed me most in this world are those that walk around like they are overly entitled or like their sh*t don’t stink because we all know that they do! Be gone you wild vixen and take your negativity with you. There is no telling how far my furry will reach once you ignite it.

Friends don’t have to always be your friends once they have outlived their purpose. I am thankful for those who rip the band aids off but frown at the ones who can’t rip it off all the way. I could care less about you now, now that you have revealed your true colors to me. Be gone out into the pasture and keep on walking far off into the night.

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