In Defense of Our Children

My husband asked a friend the other day if he and his partner would ever have children. Quite quickly he responded with a no and who the hell and why the hell would anybody want to raise kids in this world? True but in absence of kids we take away our future and with no future who is it that we are trying to become? With no kids we work our *sses off for nobody and live everything behind to be picked over by the vultures who loved that we met our demise.

Without kids everything we tried so hard to do becomes obsolete. The farm my Grandparents kept so hard to hand down to their children would turn twice over knowing that their namesake has been sold. Without even a thought of mind our property was just sold. My Dad claimed it was downsizing but look where he lives now. He lives in a space with more fruit trees and vegetables then he could ever imagine. So much for retiring easy. You don’t even have your family around to relive the good old days. No children around to carry on your line. You banished them all away from you to keep you evil with at your side. Isn’t that who she is after all that she has done. Convinced you to sell your property so you can break your back building up another farm. At 70 no mind you. You could have been living among friends. Rumor has it all your brothers and sisters are back it is just you living out in isolation in the hills.

So back to children. Of course they are not a necessary part of life but most definetly family is. You need to have somebody to know your story and to carry on with the treasures that you did. Maybe not in the same way but there is something we all value more so than our own life. Something that needs to be handed down to be carried on and appreciated for all that it is. Take my newly acquired red corral ring. To harvest red corral now is illegal but it is still being done. At first the idea of wearing something to exclusive just turned my stomach as I understood and new what it all means. There are illegal harvest going on in our oceans that in turn will be the end to all life, eventually. Unless of course Russia has their way then we will all be obliterated into smithereens. Now red corral take so long for it to grow and the harvest of it is what is illegal. That doesn’t stop the Asian boats from coming because all they care about is dollar and cents. My piece of red corral was already harvest circa 1970’s. The chunk that was received at the alchemist was from an estate sale and it was sold to them because the lucky owners had no idea what to do with it. This stone is so rare that once it was set in gold they put a fine level of epoxy on top to enhance it’s longevity. Once scratched it will lose it’s glory so I have to be careful with how I treat it. That’s my handed down piece that will make me cringe if it goes to somebody who doesn’t know it’s story. Who doesn’t know how to appreciate it and sing it’s praises.

All species keep trying to prolong their species while coping with the card of hands they have been dealt. The struggle is far from easy when you consider how far we have been washed into believe the egotistical man’s words. The rich are smart. They do everything in their power to prolong their bloodline. They choose their mates carefully and work towards building a future instead of a night or two of anonymity . Everybody asks me why I stay with my partner if we aren’t connecting on the physical side. Well. We connect in every other way but so why do I keep listening to Hollywood to tell me how to decide. I let the grandeur ideas of love take over my brain so when he wakes up in the morning I am an irate bag that is borderline insane. K not bad. But some days I am. Some days all I want is a physical partner in life but then I remind myself there is no good in that. The reason why some of us our never destined to live our days with our TRUE soul mate because once in each other’s presence nothing will ever get done. I felt that kind of connection and I wonder if maybe my husband has too. Maybe we are just meant to be each other’s life lives and there is nothing too bad about that. I don’t want a crazy jealous man who thinks I care more about getting my rocks off then the sanctity of family. We never fight about other beings just all the craziness that comes with living our life.

I understand those that feel that raising children is something that they don’t want to take on in this world. There are so many outside opinions at work and everybody is convinced they are right and should have the final say. All those opinions just make your head spin. I think that is why I just took on so much in my house so it’s like I never truly have to go out. I rarely do. There are those that I value and I crave their attention too. Friends. Real friends. Real women who look past the hair and make up and truly care about the life you are living, where you came from and all the places you have already been. Hanging onto every word you see that their is true beauty that comes when you have children to lead the friendship and give you a foot in the door so you can come in. Children open your world to a whole new outlook of thinking and a whole new purpose of being. It’s not just you, you are fighting for it is all of mankind and choosing to have children is your fight against them to make it so the bad man wins. We already have a world full of pompous beings. What if we raised our children differently to be the reason why we should keep trying instead of rolling over? We could try to fight against the temptation of the beast to prolong the human race or we can just give up and dig our own graves and cite we have enough. If it wasn’t for my son I am most certain I would be dead. I mean I almost died because of him but because of him I never did a line of coke again. I drink in moderation and I try to live an honest, honorable life. My son reminds me of what life means whenever I get the chance to watch him sleep.

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