On Display

Are you tired of those claiming that you are enough, except for you. You are not enough in your best image and in my honest opinion you have to leave. We are all struggling on the day to day for the most part and I wonder how it is some beings just seem that they are more entitled to being accepted than others. I try to relate to most people but I am incapable of it. My brain is so highly active it is hard for it to maintain at one frequency for too long.

Social media is the biggest fabricated lie of all time and in it’s worse form we might get a little bit of honesty. Mentally we all start to decline when we see those in our community refusing to accept us. They accept everybody else though? So what is it about me that makes me different? Is it my ability to truly say that when I am in a position to help others I mean and others are just sitting there with there hand outs? This cannabis community is a fickle beast and not everybody is out there to be your friend. The lies they tell when your back is turned makes me want to run for the high hills and never return.

What is wrong with people who only care about fame over being real? There is nothing more unnerving than one of these cannabis trolls who decides to unfollow you but leaves you hanging so you can still be privy to their feed. Uhmm no take your garbage with you and don’t forget to slam the door. At least I don’t have to see them smoking their bongs completely naked trying to convince us they are friends to the rest of the world. Well they aren’t. Only to themselves. Get out of here with that self righteous air of entitlement. There is no coming back once you decide that there is something I said that has gotten on your nerves. Sure I call some of them out and say hey now change your bio because you are not somebody I ever want to know. The oxymoron of it all is you unfollowed so you can take a peak. I blocked you because once you take a step out of my life I resurrect an army to make sure you can never get near.

What is wrong with all the fake people of the world? Why do they think they are treating people like garbage especially considering they are not all that. My social media friendships are something I hold dear. I believe they will make the world smaller in time. They give me a fresh prescriptive on life and we like to share the things we hear. Sure in the moment I get offended when somebody tries to slip on by. I don’t let anybody leave without a reciprocated action and I encourage y’all to do the same. There are those that keep us around in the hopes that we will in turn give them something to make their life great. Remind yourself that what they are offering you is not even close to being even the same. Those who don’t see your light don’t even deserve to stand in your shadows. Kick them out. Don’t even put them on reserve. Fake people rarely change. Even less so as adults. Trust me when I say this not everybody is meant for you and me. There are those that have been sent to destroy us and are more than content on stealing your light. Kick them to the curb and change the lock. There are 7 billion other people in this world.

I keep my circle clean even as I try to expand. I will be worth a million some day and when that day comes I will pull an Elon in every “rich” way. I don’t make it big when the rest of the world is suffering. I couldn’t imagine not loving my friends and sharing that I made it big one day. That is why I try so hard to make connections and pull people out of their shell. Time is fleeing faster than we can imagine and now we have a war going on to make it lightning speed. With all the hate in the world don’t you want to know that at least one person has your back? I do. I believe in you. I believe that together we can wade through the waters that threaten to drown us and kick our legs back and float away. I can tell you who lies for followers and who is telling you the truth. Maybe you don’t need to know or maybe you are curious and you think that you do. My friend list is my lifeline and I trust those people like no other. Sure there are some in the inner circle that shouldn’t be but the louder I speak my truth the faster it is they will leave. Tit for tat until somebody loses an eye. I won’t help those that abandon me anymore. I am over their betrayal now it’s onward and upward to better things.

The truth is we need each other more than anything right now and being authentic is all that we can be. Some people don’t know the truth from a hole in the wall and those people make it almost impossible to breathe. Why are people scared to kick the bad man out of their life? You think they will change their mind one day and come back and say all the things that you wish they would say? If people from High School don’t like you why would a stranger am I right? Just block delete the assisinine and get ready for a better sleep. You can’t keep on sleeping with one eye open waiting to see who is going to stay and who is going to leave. Don’t care who is coming or going I just don’t want to stay half in when the other party has already gone. Delete your number and go away. There is no rest for the wicked and I can promise you I am not going away. I am an advocate for ALL life truly not just getting in between my legs. I care for so many animals everyday and have a garden oasis inside to purify the air. What do you do to honor yourself and life except for putting all that you have to offer onto display?

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