The Relatable

There is that incredulous moment in time where somebody out there is relating to my blog so they lash out at anybody in reach just so they can hear their own voice and try to poison they way that other people think. They react like there are a million people reading these words or one of these entries are being scripted for a Hollywood movie but in the reality these words are written to help me cope with life and relate to one or two beings. There are those that try to shame me into not living this course I set off on living because they fail to understand their own existence so they try to come down on lil ol me. I am not buying it nor do I give into bullies. The fear that drives them to be rude and inconsiderate is the same fuel that drives me to speak my truth.

There are so many trolls among us and all they want to do is throw around their own weight and yell so loud that hell opens up below them so they just drop right in. That is the hope among many even though the reality is they will outlive you and me. Evil does. Evil always thrives in deplorable conditions using what is available to them so they can get their own way. Why would my words that I share to alleviate some of my anxiety and stress relate to anybody out there in the world other than who I interpret them to be. This is only my adaptation of my life and the events I find myself currently in. Just like in Law and Order any resemblance to real life is purely coincidental it is your own mind that interprets it to be another way.

What brings me humour to my day are those individuals who cite, “now don’t be writing about me in your blog.” Like I would honour their existence in that way. People on the way out of course get an honourable mention but the reality in my timeline is if no longer have to experience them they don’t exist so I lump all those characteristics in together. There is no attack on any one person just the facts. That when rolled in all together that is what most humans would do. Like the high school friend jealous of where I am in life and instead of getting on the gravy train she tries to spite me in some way. I see you spite and I raise you with the truth. Don’t pretend to be on my side when you were never that far over the line. I see you over there with your hair in your eyes trying to pretend like you made it. The closest you ever got to success was my family now get back into line. Actually don’t even bother coming back. This is too great to ignore. What I love about getting yours is it always comes in time.

I got mine. In every which way I got mine. When most of you where living these cupcake dreams I was scratching my eyes out and not knowing what to believe. To say I got caught up on the wrong side of the tracks is right. To say I bit off more than I could chew had me chewing with my mouth open attracting all the wolves in the vicinity just waiting for them to feed. I allowed horrible people to do horrible things to each other out of fear and turned a blind eye just so I could fit in. Bad things happened to good people and I couldn’t stop it. I was just a mere lil fish in a pool fool of sharks. I think my friends murdered people and they asked me to lie away the proof. Tell them I was with you the whole night if you don’t say that you too will be sleeping with the fish. People like to bug me because I keep my circle small. Why let those in who are out to feed on you. There is enough evil out there to begin to let them in. What people do to each other that they think is justified makes my guts turn. Nah. There is already a third War brewing on the horizon. I would be damned if you take away my literally freedom too.

If you relate to anything I write about maybe it is time to take another look. If you want to lash out on a being who loves you then you best believe that in time there will be a price for having your deranged fill. Those who use those who love them as collateral damage will find themselves rotting away all alone. People hate what I do because they can’t do it. They lack the motivation or maybe their reality is they are over the hill. Some want to be models and other people just want to be rich that they will sell off their first born just to have their dreams come true. Look at who they sacrificed just to have their own way. They shun those who want to help them because they are convinced that theirs is the only way. They think there will be no consequences for their actions. Especially not in this life. They will spew all this hateful filth to whom ever is listening and hope to infect them so that they decay. Nobody likes the motivated or the determined. Especially those who are unmotivated in their own life. Unable to realize their own potential because they are stuck in a rut so they unleash their furry to their surroundings so that no love could ever thrive. I hear you and your maniacal wishes coming down onto those who love you like there will be no more love lost and more. Evil is as evil does and that will never change. Just batten down the hatches matey because next time…well there just might not be a next time if evil wins and has their last wish.

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