What About the Rest of the World?

We all talk about this great reset that is supposed to occur but we fail to realize that there is going to be a great deal of pain to get there. There will be a huge loss of life and assets to most around the world bringing to the surface the reason why this reset needs to occur.

We have always been privy to war in some form but this is the first time our eyes have had to witness a first world country getting into the game. We never cared much when it was the holy land battling out for centuries as they have done but enter Russia and the Ukraine and we have no choice but to stand up and take notice. We have to grip our seats in fear as we listen to what was the previous days score. I got kicked out of bed for stating the obvious. Putin might be one of the smartest men in the world.

The leak of this pandemic virus for the last two years exposed the Western World to it’s weaknesses. Of course he wants to recapture the land loss by his ancestors as he watches world leaders desecrate on their very own citizens. What would you do to protect your country if you saw the fissure cracks in the rest of the world? You had a nation storm it’s own capital and steal from the inside. Once they did what they set out to do we watched as pedophile after pedophile got released to the world. Then there is what Canadians did to cover up the torture and depraved death of their babies. What grown men and women did to babies in the eyes of God would confirm the desire to gain control over the rest of the world. You have the new world countries so laid back in their ways when it comes to protecting what it means to be human. I don’t want anybody to die but I think we are missing an opportunity to listen and I think that is where the uneducated likes to step in and play.

There is more to this existence then what is laid out in front of us but we have all been to preoccupied by our own fame to even open our eyes. To be fully away of life and it’s abundance and ask yourself what can you do to protect if only for awhile. What can you do to protect those in your presence to ensure that they have their best life? Are you paying attention to the telltale signs that are right there in front of you this whole time? Do you beak off to hear your own voice like an emotional pirate throwing those overboard who fail to see life in the same way. I am going to be honest with you I am scared of what is to come to this European countries and I hope that there is time to meet eye to eye.

Instead of fighting why not ask what would truly be the purpose and see if there is a way to make it one and the same. I know there are old family debts and jealous ties but as a leader of a country don’t you need to rise to the occasion and lead by example? In history we never celebrate the accolades of the insane and crazy. They go down in history as being the evil brought onto the world. The amount of bloodshed and carnage being tied directly to them with a bullet between the eyes to save the rest of the world. Somebody has to stand up to the evil of just one. I know I don’t have the courage but maybe another man out there would?

I will be honest I have stayed away from the facts of this war. I have become so consumed with my family life that I barely have time to come up for air. All I can protect is the energy in this house in between these four walls. Our existence will burn out together in a timeline we will never be able to predict. If a bomb were to sale over the seas and connect with my country it is very possible that there will be no more you and me. Should I be ok with that? What if that is all I can be. Accept the things you can not change and keep on keeping on like you have always did. I created a minimal super crazy existence. When all things are considered I only have the time to perfect this life that I am already in. I love that I can bring so much happiness in just doing my best. And on the days I am too tired, just showing up will always be just more than enough.

So why is this war so different then the one being fought in the Middle East? Anybody remember what happened to all the US weaponry left behind only months ago and is it going to be used to help fund this next world war? There will always be consequences to our actions and showing your under belly to the rest of the world will bring on no greater demise. Where most leaders have been to war and are able to fit here on home soil we are just flapping our gums. Trying to say what we think is right but we have no idea. Did we even open our eyes in our history classes are was that once again a classic case of we don’t care? Have you opened up a history book and read about the survivors from World War 2? The ones who sacrificed all that they had in the hopes that the next generation would experience freedom and maybe just maybe a little something good. I am not maniacal I am real. If a grown man is prepared to sacrifice the rest of the world then it truly has nothing to do with any of us. We wait on baited breath but we all know the truth. Now it is time to pull the trigger and do what only the courageous can do.

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