A Cat by Any Other Name

A cat by any other name is still a cat. They can spend their whole lives looking for unconditional love and acceptance and will never give up on that idea until they take their last breaths. They get ripped away involuntarily from their family and made to undergo horrendous life altering changes and will always become collateral damage for all the living a human wants to have done. They will rip you away with no questions asked citing to the rest of the world, “look how cute is my cat!!” Just imagine that life altering experience and moment in any creatures life and ask yourself when will Mother Nature have enough and take it all back

A cat with their tale in the air is happy, showing off their butt and sense for the rest of the world. Imagine that greeting. Hmmmm let me see what comes out the other end. Are you happy and healthy or are you just happy to see me? A cat will live their whole existence never reuniting with the family they once have. They never return to the bedside of those that they love and in my experience they have never attended a funeral either.

A cat can be come any other being when a human cites that the change is necessary. Stripping away there whole identity in order to fill a void or meet a prayer. Cats are believed to be the protector of the underworld. Waiting to capture those that have poor intentions or a misguided interpretation of the rest of the world. Monkey see, what monkeys can do. They will befriend a cat if given a chance. It is the rest of the world with their transcendence light and all to knowing misguided intentions that will throw something that is living away in the trash.

A cats only existence is self preservation of self. They gravitate towards activities and beings that make them feel good and forget about the over entitled that populates the rest of the world. Cats thrive inside their own little colonies solidifying friendships they would never get outside in the rest of the world. There is no competition here for food or affection. It is in abundance here and available to all. A cat will never mourn or prove to be more animalistic with their intentions. They provide unconditional love and support even when they are their way out. A cat by any other name is still ripped away from the family that was given to them. We hand down to them a life of isolation without a chance of knowing their true origins or how it is that they even made it to this Earth.

Am I cat person? I pretty much had them my whole life. I love their idosyncrisies and how they provide unconditional comfort when I am feeling down. The healing songs of comfort that they provide when I am out of my head is the very source of comfort I need when trying to find some quiet solitude inside my bed. I love them for all that they bring to me life after humans have failed me over and over again. There is something about those jaded eyes that still carry hope that will always bring a tear to my dry eyes. What we are capable of handing down onto this beautiful species speak volumes to the rest of us. How do we handle those who can’t use their voice? Are we gentle and kind or do we always come down with a heavy hand.

Sure they don’t always get along but humans rarely do too. What is lost among animals is what is needed for them to truly thrive. Out of 9 cats one is always getting picked on. She is older, missing most of her teeth so she is an easy target to always pick at until she comes unglued. She has been returned to the shelter twice for not getting along. Of course she is incapable of getting along with other more mature cats is it has always been engrained on them to weed out the weakest link. In the wild she would never survive and my boys don’t realize that she doesn’t have to. She is here and safe in our loving home with a little bit of intervention when it is necessary between the two.

As a human being I can’t imagine dropping a cat off so I can move on with my life. I relinquished two cats when I was younger when I moved to Vancouver from Kamloops. My heart still bleeds when I think about those two. They said I could look to see if they were adopted but my alcoholism and drug use made it so I never did. My cats were all I had. All I have. They understand me in ways that most humans never will. They know that when I am upset I need comfort as they all snuggle in close to my head. A cat’s purr is at the same frequency that we need to heal that is why they are always so calm. They know a lot can be said for keeping all four paws on the ground. Unless you are sleeping in a tree then that is pure bliss. There is not too much that cats take for granted our an experience that they may miss. They live life in abundance after humans came along and took everything away. We ripped them away from their families to share with them their youth then throw them to the shelters when they are middle aged. The greatest honor I got to witness this past year was when I got to hold my sweet Lucy as she was met with death. I would hold her in my arms forever again if I could just nuzzle my face in her fur. She was my best friend and I still cry when I think of her. There is not much I wouldn’t do for even now when she has moved so far past me I can’t hold onto her anymore. A cat by any other name is still my heart. I can’t believe where once she was mine, without her here I believe I may just fall apart.

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