A Cat’s Life

A cat doesn’t wake up one morning hating its own existence, being miserable, trying to take down those most like them and more. A cat’s biggest worry is is my food bowl full and did you really have to put up a floor length window panel inside this massive house. They don’t walk around grumbling trying to take another down. Sure they compete for their humans attention for love and comfort but other than that they all react and behave like they are on common ground.

We can only assume we know what these felines are feeling as they strive for their best life. They love to lounge and get the most out of the sun realizing their fullest potential every time they do. I can’t doesn’t worry when they will see their loved ones again, although their eyes do perk up whenever that being enters the room. When allowed to live in quarters where there is more than one they become a family who has more loyalty in there whole life than you do in your smallest fingers. Where cats succeed when human fails is to provide unconditional love and understanding in every which way that they can.

What is lost inside the human world is how hard these beings try to understand. They don’t meow to communicate with each other, just us. How is that for doing everything that one can. Where most fail to ignore the very simple luxuries of life cats have always been able to thrive. They keep on keeping on living their best lift in ways we as humans will always struggle to understand. Cats compete among each other in a game of calling each other out. They still desire to know who the weakest is and will egg them on from time to time. Sound familiar? It might just be engrained in every species to pick on the weak and weed out the poor.

I try to be nonchalant throughout my day not allowing to many outside variables interfere with my mood and free will. Cats have perfected this one simple quality. Moving with such fluid motion from room to room. As quiet as a I cat they usually make no noise. Never being bothered by the depraved of the world they go on with confidence that they are doing the right thing. What is right for you is what you find inside your heart. Gravitate towards those that believe in you and lose the weight that has been given to you be the rest of the world. You don’t have to carry on that preconceived notion that there is only one way to be. There is more than one way to “skin a cat” they say but I prefer to let them thrive in their existence one time inside this world.

What I love about cats the most is they truly only desire to be your friend. Where humans want to compete for affection cats find balance and they are more than willing to life the energy in every room. It starts with their presence and then ends with their song. For the most part when it comes to our felines that are truly all more than willing to get along. Cats have no say who they go home with or what they are forced to witness on the day to day. Imagine that life for a moment. Always being left as collateral damage in the event of human break up and divorce. The first to always go is the beloved pet because who needs that stress. Your pet would never give up on you, they will always fight and they will do so with their last breath.

Cats provide unconditional love and comfort and they do so in our last days. They don’t shy away from us when we become sick and weak, in fact they prove over and over again there is no better place for them to be. A cat only wants you until your last days. They reciprocate your love and loyalty and reflect onto you unconditional acceptance if you let them every time you open up your heart and allow them to play. I have always been a cat lady it has been handed down to me throughout the years. Pick a Grandmother on either side and they always had multiple cats. Maternal or Paternal we have always gravitated to these lil beings. The reality is our pets can be handed down to us through the generations if we just opened our hearts and souls instead.

Why do we run so fast in a direction that nobody cares? No golden moments with our elderlies or even people coming round to pay their respects and prayers. Humans are the only beings that can allow those they love to rot alone. After a lifetime of love and loyalty you are cast aside in your wisest years citing your existence now is to frivolous for me to want to come round more and lend my ears. I think that is why cats crawl away to die. They always look for somewhere to go and the tiniest places for them to hide. They don’t want you to worry now that they will soon meet their own demise. Curl into a tiny ball and drift off to sleep. That is what a cat does They don’t want to make you weep. Their unconditional love will soon leave you and there is no more love to give or grow. What was once a fire that burned along side you is now is threatened to return to the ground forever dead. That is how humans move, they just move awkwardly along to next. Luke vultures who feed on every carcass they will keep keeping on until they have finally had their full and burst a part dead.

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