Evens Stevens, A Monotonous Life

What I love about the animal kingdom is when they decide they have had enough of you they leave you be to rot in your own filth encouraging your own demise. They don’t sugar coat the particulars for anybody. They like what they like and gravitate towards the beings that make them feeling something better inside then what they already do They seek comfort in the quiet peace that comes in the uncertainty of everyday with never questioning who they are how it is they have found themselves to be. They are more than willing to be all accepting in their own surroundings. Finding a peace that only comes when lucid beings dream. Somewhere lost between the tranquil bliss of realizing your true existence, you look towards the heavens for all the things you find yourself hoping for. The realization of ones own life purpose coming directly into focus trying to remind us who we once were and meant to be.

Growing up I was always a people pleasure. The one who was told to shut up and bite your tongue instead of speaking your peace of mind. I guess in essence too I became to be known as a little bit of a liar. You don’t get abused for 1.5 year in middle school without telling a few tales to cover it all up. Sure I loved my parents but I was convinced that you needed to love your life partner more. No wonder I am in a delusional being of what makes sense. Maybe I didn’t have as good of a role model as I originally thought. In the beginning ya maybe but nothing is ever as it seems. What is most important is this experience and how we interpret it in order to help us out live our dreams. Or at least try to anyways. That is what I love so much about being a mom. It isn’t so much the idea of forcing my son to believe in life and interpret it the way that I do, no. I am excited to see how is interpretation of his existence could possibly blossom into being. That is where I am at with this experience. Excited for the blessing of a young mind to continue growing our family empire. The real legacy that will stand the time and out live our dreams.

We can’t do it alone but if an animal has taught me anything we are best to surround ourselves with the fittest and the ones that will never turn on us and always have our back. Loyalty fuels every pet in existence and that is what is so crushing to these little creatures when they no longer fit into your grand master scheme. Sure some species use their elderly and weak to feast themselves to prevent starvation but there is also those that spend a great time mourning at the loss of an great entity that once was. I like to think of myself as a grand Elephant looking towards those I love to serve as a beacon of hope. I will always honor the path of my ancestors and sing their praises no matter if somebody is listening and even if there is a chance I may never be heard I will sing. I will sing so loud in my best image that it will keep all the vultures at bay. Nothing keeps those with ill hearts away more effectively than an honest heart authentically well lived. That is what I strive towards as I rise to greet each day. Like a housecat gunning for the prime window location I would rather let all other sleeping cats lay. Maybe their jealous nature will always be the invisible fuel that guides me. Sometimes I don’t even realize a life well lived until it is thrown back in my face. I hater has got to hate and I am an easy target. I always have that look on my face and the stab wounds on my back. I am not ashamed from those that have led me astray. I remember what I was taught in grade school. Fool me once. Shame on you. Fool me twice. Shame on me. That is why I don’t put up with too much because I VALUE the life that I have. I will always honour those that came before me to make this life possible instead of puffing up my chest and waiting to feed on the dead.

Sure some people may change but why take that chance. There are those that we have to be considerate towards and there are those in life we can always do without. Like an all you can eat buffet do you really need to keep coming back for more? How many times have you asked the waitress to roll you out the door? Sure gluttony is fun but is also considered a sin. Why do some people need to gorge so out of control when there are countries in the world that are suffering, whose babies aren’t even being fed. Not because they don’t want to because they simply can’t. In order for a mother to produce milk they need nutrition and that is impossible to get on just rice and bread. What the world needs now is this great reset. We keep talking about it and hoping for it but it doesn’t make much sense. Why would the entitled give up what they think they deserve? They don’t stop to realize that sometimes in life it just happens in an instant and don’t factor in who you were born to be or who your parents were you just exist now so deal with it and find a way to succeed. That is our life. Nothing about evens stevens or balance or even a buoy to help us float in choppy waters. I almost feel we were meant to struggle our whole lives to keep us suppressed and from being all we were born to be. How can we ever make it over the mole hill when what was left for us is too monotonous to even try?

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