A Squirrel and Its Nuts

A squirrel and its nuts will do anything to protect it’s stash. Up to and including fighting with anybody that is around. They will natter and chirp into the wee hours, trying to get ready to keep their bellies all winter long. What happens to the stash when a squirrel doesn’t return? Is it up for grab to the masses until the last nut is gone.

I wonder why the rules of nature tend not to apply to anything that is human? When did being kind be an elusive commodity that would elude the mainstream media for centuries to come. What humans did squirrels would perceive at nuts. Why are we the only species that believes we need to trudge through it 365 days a year. All animals take a rest in order to thrive during the warmer months. We as humans though have become more than content to keep on working our fingers to the bone. To keep on doing what would make another being more economical viable. A squirrel would never leave the contents of their stash to anybody. They would never trust another squirrel to do the work. We are the only beings that sit in our tree stumps with our hands out waiting to move on up the tree when our ancestors begin to die. Why work and prove our worth along this timeline when we can just wait it out and laugh at other beings demise. Isn’t that what a squirrel does because that is all they can do. Forage till you can’t get enough then wait to defend it.

The problem with those that spend their whole life foraging they never truly get the chance to enjoy the fruits of their labour or in case their nuts. You have to enjoy the simplistic nature that comes when you are able to provide for yourself. When you are willing to do what it takes to make it so your life has purpose. Even if it is just looking for another nut for you to feed. Not everything will make sense as you begin to move through the day but the most important aspect of it is that you just step out of the box and begin to try. Don’t wait for the inivitable or for death to finally come. I can promise he is making his move towards you so you better ensure the light in you has had it’s feel. With the empowered knowledge of knowing we may never return back to this realm what are you doing to ensure you get the most out of your stay? Are you annoying those in your general vicinity? Telling lies and overall rotting away? The biggest sin is not realizing your truest potential at least in the case of the squirrel in his nuts he tends to make the most out of everyday.

You can’t win if you don’t try and you can’t win if you don’t have your head in the game. Just taking up space isn’t the same as showing up. You need to have your focus and servitude to pave the way. I imagine the squirrel waiting for the seasons to change so he can go, go, go. The passion that moves through him as he forages not caring to much how the day is filled as long as he is doing the best that he can. I watch them run across the street, from tree to tree trying to beat the rays of the sun or the hands of father time. They don’t need to answer to nobody except for of course themselves. If they fail to prepare themselves for what is to come they will not survive the elements. What happens if we fail to prepare ourselves for life? We can see ourselves literally rotting away. With no purpose of being or heightened sense of self we just let the years just drift away. Friends become foes and families just get forgotten about. Why waste your time on closed ears when there is a whole world for you to explore? Why not take the risks to make your life safe instead of remaining complacent? There is no rules that says you need to stick around to be bullied by others or in the worst case scenario being abused. We need each other. Now more than ever and the fact that some of us of our head up our *sses I don’t see that happening in my lifetimes. There needs to be the loss of a few lifetimes more.

A squirrel is not ashamed of his desire to chase nuts but we as humans are. We don’t want to work to our fingertips bleed with our purpose, nah. What if somebody takes wind of what I am doing and doesn’t agree? LISTEN TO ME!! A squirrel doesn’t care what he has to do to survive he just prepares himself for winter no matter who enters natures room. Well of course he keeps an eye out because you don’t want to reveal your stash. Why open up your treasure to those you don’t know who can steal from you and make it so your belly reacts like it has never been fed? A squirrel doesn’t. A squirrel won’t. Best to keep some secrets secret and wait till later on for the grand reveal. A squirrel and his nuts are only looking out for number one. They have to. In failing to do so they open themselves up to a world of starvation and failure the likes that there ancestors have ever known, but humans like to try. Humans like to make it so living feels unbearable and you will do anything to speed up the hands of father time to beat out the decay. That is who we have become as beings. An obsessive need to always come out on top while others are led astray. I see your nuts and I raise you a whole empire. I know who I am and what drives me crazy and all others have no chance but to move forward, just walk along and go away.

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