In Defense of Our Elderly

There is the reality that sinks in that no matter how hard you try in this life when you get to the end of where you are going everything that you have come to know would seemingly implode. It starts oh so simple in the beginning but when the dominoes fall there is no predicting where they may lay or how far they may go. The best one can hope for is keeping their hearts open as all other senses begin to fizzle out and erode. This is what we have been waiting our whole lives to see. What will happen to us in the end. We all sit around waiting for that day. Then run in the opposite direction when it begins to come.

I have always maintained that our elderly is our greatest asset in our timeline and we really need to start honouring them as they are the ones that gave us life. They made this existence all possible, even on the days we were getting on their nerves, all while they were pulling out their hair. See. I used to complain about all the things in my life that was lacking. Friends and time being one of them but then it hit me. My Grandmother, in all that she was and had to offer, was one of the greatest women I have ever met on Earth. And now she is gone. So what does that mean? Do I forget how she loved me and just begin to walk away? Or do I remember here in times when I was younger and let the lessons she was trying to teach me play out inside my head. Be kind to those, always. Their behaviour will never be a reflection of you. How you handle your emotions and anger is though. Become a master of those and you will rule the world.

Our elderly. Our most precious commodity but we just throw them away. We put them into homes in the hopes they will be forgotten about. Or in best case scenarios they hope somebody else will whisk them away. Heighten their paranoia and bring on the rounds of dementia. The problem with our aging population is we always look onto them as they were losing their minds. They can soil their pants and sit in it for hours and when they tell us the nurses in their care will shoo them away. Nobody should be more important than the bodies who pay them so get up off your duff and go and see if they are ok. The biggest lie is, “oh they must have just soiled themselves.” Hmmm ya ok is that right? Wouldn’t the diaper contents be warm instead of cold and how can you explain away that rash?

The eyes are the windows to the soul and if you can peek into them they may just tell you all that you need to know. Visiting my Grandfather his eyes were always red. He was left alone to cry most days, in the hallway, in his own waste. I hated those times but I still wish that I could go. To hold his hand one more time and sit in silence I would hold onto the idea that he would remember my name. Do you remember the Notebook when he would sit and reread that story in the hopes she could remember even a minute? Ya that was me. I would look at my Grandfather with his bloodshot eyes and hold onto his hand and close my eyes. Sure enough he would remember my name just for a second then he would look at me with uncertainty not knowing who I was. You have to say those words as often as you can. No matter if they come back at you in anger after all the love crossed between the years. My Grandfather never remembered me much after my Grandmother died. The last real conversation I had, though, we did let each other know that we were loved.

I will not be that child who lets their ailing parent waste away alone. There is nothing on this Earth that will keep me for caring for a parent or grandparent. It is society who believes they must be locked away. I have never met a retirement home I have liked but I guess they would have to exist, somewhere. They scare me because whenever somebody speaks about somebody being unkind they are being told they are delusional and it is best to shut up. We have this misguided notion that if we pay a pretty penny then they must have good care. Money is the band aid solution to people who truly don’t care. Why cast away somebody you love who has cared for you your whole life? They changed your nappies while you were a terror now you count your blessings and cast them out of your world. So what if they don’t move so good or if they can hardly hear or see. What they have inside of them is a pure, honest love for you and me. Once that connection is gone there is no going back. You can’t help but feel like you are the next to go as the hands on the clock keep going tick.

There are those in our general vicinities that cause us more harm then good. They have overstayed their self righteous entitlement and cause more headaches then they are worth. Their delusional state of being has begun to overstay their welcome as they become more condescending in their fury as they begin to unleash their wrath to save their own head. These people are garbage and become a drain on the human chain. There is more ying to others yangs these days and I think that is where the problem begins to brew. Nobody wants to be accomadating or give a being another chance. I don’t know about you but once bitten, twice fooled, third time is the charm before you throw your hands up in exhaustion and forget all that you have set out to do.

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