Knock, Knock Unbelievers You Are In the Way!!

The problem with the unbelievers is they will do anything in their power to get it so that you don’t believe. They will taunt you until you can’t even remember your own name so what hope in Hannah do you have of every feeling complete. I could ask a stranger but I am asking you. Can you finally tell me the truth if you dare?

There are those that get so green with envy that they will stop at nothing to reduce you to their level. Why do some make themselves so miserable trying to understand what makes another individual tick? Don’t they know there is much more to be learned from how one tocks instead of standing around waiting for who the bell tolls. The bell tolls for whomever is brave enough to stand still long enough to listen. The pull you feel comes from a life source that is more true to your own authenticity. Why force a square peg into a circle when there is ease just around the bend. A force that is waiting on bated breath for your own enlightenment and well being. They do exist. After all there is me.

I am rarely concerned about the opinions of others but I can’t tell a lie, some opinions do hurt. Like Bryan Adams said it “cuts like a knife” but it is up to you to determine who you will allow to watch you bleed. Cut my heart wide open but I will refuse to let you see me suffer. Why allow another the privilege of knowing your weaknesses when they have already proved to you what they plan to do with it? In my experience once one has known that I have love for them in some sort of way that is when they allow all their demons to come out to play. Not that I mind a little of disarray but I never want to tear out another’s heart out and feed on the decay.

I believe in my life and my direction so bad that there is not to many on Earth that can derail me. Dying changes you. Dying changes EVERYTHING about you. Once you have a glimpse to what is coming you suddenly realize how little time you actually have left. There are certain aspects of my life that I can never change but the way that I regard myself and what I take to heart are entirely all mine. Like when people point their fingers and spit in my face how I react to them is all up to me. If I give them the reaction they have wanted then they are in control and they in fact win BUT if I remain cool, calm and collected watch how fast their brain matters explode. Some people need you to be in the dumps because they can’t live their life any other way!!

I pump myself up at the start of each day similar to the ways that those gym goers do. You have to train yourself to believe in yourself, actually, it isn’t as easy as some people make it out to look like too. There are those that just have this ease to their life like it ain’t no thang but there are others that struggle from the time they began to walk and take their first steps. Awww look at you!! Don’t you move a little different and speaking of being a little different didn’t it take you forever to get off your knees and start moving around too? That constant judgement of milestones to help us further define our inadequacies and make it impossible for even the youngest to want to come up for air and breathe. I live in a world where I wish that I was wrong but the longer I am alive the more my eyes open and the more obvious it is that I am right! Right in the sense that the greatest loss in this experience is not realizing who it is we are meant to become. You can feel when you are close to becoming that entity because all your hairs stand on end when you start to become in sync. In sync with your own self worth and resolution of truth and there is no being out there who can make you waiver on where you stand.

Music sets me free. Ignites my cell to stand at attention and take notice of how I feel in this space and moment in time. The words of those who no longer stand before us who risked everything to speak their own truths. Imagine that. Losing your life trying to defend your people because there is a greater entity of evil threatening you and all that you can be. Gravitate towards those that want to help enlighten your wisdom and help relay your truths to the rest of the world. You have one moment to make the wrong decision and depending on who is standing in your corner will determine the outcome and if you are left wanting more. You should be alive in every moment that your eyes are awake taking rest only to return to the celestial kingdom to share your wisdom with the stars in the heaven that come out at night.

Who I am in this moment shouldn’t matter so much to you because who you are before me doesn’t matter so much to me. It matters if you hurt me or hurt somebody I value or love. Why do people that? Constantly testing your fortitude and strength to remain calm in tumultuous situations, especially those that are regarding love. Love can ruin everything if you let if get in the way. That steamy kind of love that makes it so you think of nothing else and everything else gets in the way. Ya I won’t be ruined again in that way. You NEVER recover when you feel the embrace of your true love. Trust me when I say this if you do encounter your soul mate it is best to run away.

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