My Last Will and Testament

I was brutalized downtown. In an apartment in a high rise that I wouldn’t even know to see it. When I woke up the next morning I had no idea I was covered in blood. I knew I was in pain but I thought it was all in my head. I was used to drinking too much. I loved to blackout. That night was no different.

I went with my man of my dreams who was just using my for sex. They all did. Especially back then. Whatever it was about me I was never the girl you could take home to your mom. The damage was so bad that I had nobody. It shone like a beacon over my head.

So there I was the other woman. That was the night I found out. His friends kept me away from them even though he invited me to go out downtown. See his girl was never allowed out past a certain time but this night was different. She somehow got to come out with her cousins so their I was collateral damage.

I couldn’t do anything about it because it was never going to be about me. He used me. I would have done anything. All he had to do was ask and I was right there. I got up at the butt *ss crack of dawn to drive him to work. I would even pick him up too. Just for him to dis me until it was her curfew. I should have suspected. Looking back it all makes sense. So there I was just a train wreck for all the club to see.

It started out with drinks but I even ended up getting roofied. There were these three guys just circling. What can I tell you I was easy prey. The only reason why I know that we were drugged is because it was all caught on camera. They reviewed the tapes from that night. Well the City of Vancouver police did not me.

So many things happened that night. My phone got stolen from the first three losers and when that guy I was being used by sent his girl on her way wouldn’t you know he begged me to stay. What his friends didn’t know is that he was drugged too. I bought 6 shots for us to have and the guys on camera hit them all. In a sense I think I was lucky because those three guys were trying to get me into a cab. That is how my phone went missing. They took it from me to lure me. I didn’t go because all of a sudden my dream boy was calling out for me. So I went.

Once he passed out I was violently raped by all three of his friends. I was covered in blood, especially down my legs as they ripped me into one giant hole. The one bit my neck and that is how we were able to find out who he was. A friend of mine came over and noticed just what had happened to me. He drove me to the ER where a kit was performed. That is where I met another of Earth’s Angels, the nurse who attended to my care. The teeth prints they lifted from my neck were easily identified. He was known to police. Hooray for them they thought and a big HELL NO from me.

I ended up losing my job at the bank and a major bout of depression set in. I felt like the biggest loser in life and the RCMP wanted to use me as bait to catch a creep. They threatened my family and told me they would make an example out of me if I kept talking. So I shut up. They followed me around the city for a bit showing up at places I would frequent with friends.

Then the door bell this morning. It was Canada Post. I had to sign for a letter that apparently came from the Government even though it was photocopied and hard to read. What the letter said is a government employee was caught sending my information over seas and to use this website to help authenticate me. They tell me not to worry even though they won’t tell me what has been done to this employee or where this information was sent. Do they not understand they way MAJOR BAD PEOPLE work this is how they get will and have their way. They compromised my maiden name and tied it to who I am now? How the h*ll does that even happen? I am worried now!! I am very worried!!

So what was advised to me was follow the steps outlined in the letter even though I am trying to tell them this was not done for financial gain. On paper I am nothing. There is no thing to steal. They only possibility is they are trying to get to me!! Before when they threatened me and my family there wasn’t much to me to lose or give. Now I have a son and all these animals. There should would be a lot of revenge to kill. I get it why think that why but what else in reality makes sense? I have nothing to offer anybody but what is me and I am scared that after all these years they have come to finally make me shut up.

Once a file is reported it stays there for life. The only time somebody can be called to testify is if they are deep inside a grave. What if something else is coming up that they are about to go down for and I can be called to attest to their character by any event. I need to know who this employee was, what connections they have and where did they send my information? “Don’t worry ma’am.” I am worried ma’am because the rise in violence is going through the roof. If all you need me to do today is go to some website then at the very least can you remember my name. My name is Amy Berukoff and I called you today. I have a family, The Donaldson’s and I just need you to know our names. If something happens to us and you just let us slip on bye. I need you to know you were our first point of contact and now it is our time to go.

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